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The Heart of Jenin

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There are people in this conflict who are just hateful on both sides. My point has been that underneath that surface which captures the headlines, lies the common people who prefer just to live not to hate. There was a documentary film in Europe about an incredible story between one Palestinian family and the wrongful death of their son who was just 12 years old.

The story is about Ahmed who was just a small boy playing with two friends who had a toy gun when he was killed by an Israeli soldier who mistook the toy for a real weapon. His father, Dad Ismael Khatib, agreed to donate Ahmed’s organs. As if divine intervention from above took place, the body was divided into parts as if decreed by Salomon himself. One kidney went to a Bedouin boy, one to an Orthodox Jewish girl, and the heart to a Druse child.

Most of the suicide bombers come from Jenin. The documentary, Heart of Jenin, follows this Palestinian father Khatib as he travels from the Occupied Territories to visit the organ recipients in Israel. Ahmed’s father could have easily been hateful and refused to allow any organs to be harvested. This is a story about the other side of humanity that exists hidden by the hateful headlines of this cancel culture which is inspiring even more hatred.