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The Future & the Destruction of Capital Formation

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IBEUUS Y FOR 3 29 2017

QUESTION:  Hi Martin – I have followed your blog for a long-time now. I enjoy reading a different viewpoint and somebody pointing out problems that don’t have a motive to take advantage of the “problems”. I find it deeply troubling that the US does not have a valid large news outlet anymore – no matter what side you are on – all are deeply motivated by ulterior motives. Anyways – my question is regarding the Fed’s unlimited supply of stimulus and its impact? I know the Fed is more capable than Europe which is limited by the EU set-up but trillions are being thrown around every other week and I don’t see anybody questioning the “other side” of this money creation. Are we printing money for inflation – are we just creating money so the stock market can keep paying dividends and push the impact out 10 years again? I don’t understand how we can just keep throwing out trillion after trillion?


ANSWER: At this point, this not about stimulating the economy, helping the stock market, or even creating inflation. This is about trying to save the economy with the complete destruction of our capital formation. I have been deeply concerned about what is coming in 2021-2022. This is an array of the Euro. We have 2021 as a Panic Cycle Year no less. This array was published back in 2017.

The Fed is trying to save the economy while people like Gates and Fauci are trying to destroy it while claiming they care about people which they do not. The massive economic destruction that has unleashed upon our society I am sad to say will not be recovered any time soon. They are unleashing civil unrest that will explode. You cannot imprison the population in this manner for a virus with a death rate of 10% of that as the annual flu. This has been a political coup and is intent upon subjecting us to the theories that have been behind this Climate Change movement.

Private Assets Government Assets

The value of assets is just a paper chase. They have destroyed Capital Formation so trying to print trillions to offset the destruction of trillions is not inflationary. The inflation will come with people losing confidence in governments. Already we are witnessing a food panic in China. People are running out and hoarding food even though the virus has subsided. The confidence in governments is collapsing. This will lead to civil unrest, authoritarianism, and ultimately war. The War Cycle is alive and well.