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The Elites Want War to Reduce the Population ASAP for Climate Change

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This entire conflict was manufactured by the American Neocons led by John McCain and Victoria Nuland.

McCain Climate Change

It was McCain who started the Climate Change agenda on Capital Hill, and it had nothing to do with the planet. He was arguing against fossil fuels to cut off Russia’s energy sales. It was never about the climate, but they tell a lie often enough; as Hitler’s head of propaganda asserted, it will soon become the truth.

That strategy is working well in every aspect. They used it against Trump as well. Victoria Nuland is using it against anyone who is against war. She is running around calling them “Putin’s wing of the Republican Party.” The Democrats always start the wars, and the Republicans have to end them. That was Nixon’s pledge to end Vietnam; he was elected with over 60%. The exception was when Dick Chaney ran the White House and put his company, Haliburton, in charge; he invaded Iraq on the lie that he had weapons of mass destruction when the object was to seize the oil wells. His daughter is so against Trump and pro-war it must be a family tradition.


McCain and Lindsey Graham were caught on video preaching war with Russia.



Then you had Lindsey Graham boasting that sending all this money to Ukraine was the best Congress ever spent to kill Russians if he said that in the USA, it would be a hate crime.

2019 Zelensky Wins

When Zelensky was elected, he promised to reduce the tensions with Russia, even CNN said back in 2019.  Ukrainian sources have long maintained that the election was rigged. Whatever the truth is behind that is almost irrelevant. This war was started by the interim UNELECTED government installed by Victoria Nuland.

Victoria Nuland masterminded the interim government for Ukraine to start this civil war. She made international headlines back then if the EU disagreed, her leaked phone call “FUCK THE EU” made global headlines. It showed who was really in charge. This war began with the installed UNELECTED government, and the platform of Zelensky was supposed to end the war and seek peace, which got him elected. That is what the people voted for, but the Neocons have been working hard to create World War III, and Zelensky has betrayed his own people from the start.

Macron Putin Meet

Back in 2022, Macron met with Putin to preserve peace. For a split second, Macron seemed to be the only reasonable European leader at the time when they were all cheering for World War III. Now Macron has switched sides and is pushing for World War III, perhaps to cancel a future French election like Zelensky and convert France into a dictatorship as Zelensky has done to Ukraine.

Zelensky_Pursue_Nuclear_Weapons_2 23 22

Ukraine had more nukes than China. It agreed to return them to Russia in return for their neutrality. NATO agreed not to invade, and so did Russia. Saying he would rearm with nuclear weapons the day before Putin came to the rescue of the Donbas was to ensure Putin would respond since he was then violating the  Budapest Memorandum of Security Assurances.

Zelensky Did not warn people Washington Post 8 19 22

Even the pro-Ukraine Washington Post, which can’t wait to start World War III to sell more papers, reported that Zelensky knew when Russia would invade and did not warn his people because of money. “If we had communicated that … then I would have been losing $7 billion a month since last October, and at the moment when the Russians did attack, they would have taken us in three days,” Zelensky said. They always want civilians to die so they can blame the other side and get support. That is an old trick and we see that with Hammas against Israel.


Macron send in the troops

All of a sudden, Macron has switched sides and is outright proposing to send NATO troops into Ukraine because Ukraine is about to fall. He knows that has been the plan all along – NATO to invade Russia. The propaganda is so bad that we are drowning in lies. Zelensky is lying to the world, claiming only 31,000 of his troops had died when the number was 100,000, even Ursula said in her speech, and Zelensky made her take that out to hide that Ukraine is losing badly. By pretending Ukraine is winning, he keeps the hopes up and the money flowing into his pockets.


I had reported that 100,000 Ukrainians had been killed in the first few months back in 2022. People said I was spreading Russian propaganda, confirming to me that they were being successfully brainwashed. My info was coming from the Ukrainian sources – not Russia. Then Ursula stood up and said 100,000 Ukrainians had died in battle, and Zelensky made her take that out, saying it was classified information. He has lied to the world and his own people all along, for he is promised a golden parachute when he has destroyed Ukraine and will be escorted to live in Miami, trying to wash all the blood from his hands. Here is the original video, and you can see the edited one – again, this is not a Russian source. Wake up!

Kaganovich Lazar 1893–1991

Zelensky has destroyed his own country, and there are many Ukrainians who want him dead. If he is assassinated, it will be by a Ukrainian for being a traitor and destroying his own country. There are even anti-Semitic rumblings that it was Lazar Kaganovich, Stalin’s right-hand man, who suggested taking the food from Ukraine. He was a Ukrainian who also destroyed his own country many view because he was a Jew seeking revenge for Ukraine’s Nazi sympathy and ethnic cleansing.


Here, Zelensky, before becoming President, hiding his Jewish heritage, says his salary is small, and he is joking about confiscating money from Russians and Jews. Kaganovich was Jewish, and only after being elected did Zelensky claim to be Jewish. Some now think he is destroying Ukraine like Kaganovich, and the motive was that they joined Hitler in killing Jews, for they, too, were Nazis. This is the rising sentiment in Ukraine as the nation is on the brink of collapse.

Ukraine has been cannon fodder, and the West was using Ukraine just to kill as many Russians as possible BEFORE then NATO intended to invade Russia. Zelensky has finally admitted, “They have a great superiority.” Absolutely NOBODY ever expected Ukraine to defeat Russia. This has been a major propaganda operation from the very beginning. Let’s knock off the bullshit here. This is like Cuba trying to conquer the United States.


Zelensky has staged news in full production to keep the money flowing to Ukraine, as he is a good puppet of Victoria Nuland.

Minsk Agreement Head of State


Putin even tried to explain the importance of the Minsk Agreement to Zelensky. Yet, Zelensky has outlawed speaking Russian and outlawed the Russian Orthodox religion, directing them to be subservient to the Patriarch he set up in Kyiv.

Ukraine Christmas Dec 25

Christian Persecution

Then, to further demoralize all Russians living in Ukraine, he declared that Christmas would be December 25th, not January, as the Orthodox have celebrated since 400AD. What’s next? Throwing Russian Orthodox Christians to the lions for refusing his decrees?


Merkel_Minsk_Buy_Time_to Prepare for wart

The West negotiated in bad faith, intended from the outset to create this war. I cannot imagine a head of state signing a peace agreement and then admitting that they never intended to honor it.



Macron NATO send Troops to Ukraine


On December 31, 2022, French President Emmanuel Macron, during his New Year’s address, chastised the French workers with a lengthy discussion on pensions and the need for the French to work more. Then he brought up the climate crisis, declaring that the “energy transition is a battle that we must win.” All of a sudden, Macron has advocated sending NATO troops to Ukraine, which would be the start of World War III. Britain has come out rejecting that scheme. I suppose Macron wants Putin to nuke Paris so he can create jobs for his unions to rebuild the city.

Civilians always Die in War

I cannot stress more that the Neocons are advocating war and the total destruction of Russia, swearing that. they will NEVER use nuclear weapons because they know they will. These Neocons are traitors to the countries they are from, just as Kaganovich was to Ukraine. The GREAT LIE is they make people think war is a video game and only soldiers will die. That is far from the truth.

When we look at World War I, the total number of military and civilian casualties was about 40 million. The number killed ranged between 15 to 22 million, but this broke down to 9 to 11 million military personnel, with civilian deaths of about 6 to 13 million. In addition, there were about 23 million wounded military personnel.

World War II was by far the deadliest military conflict in human history, with a total estimated death total of 70–85 million people. The breakdown shows the real cost of war that our governments seem to cheer on. There were 50–56 million who were killed directly in the war. Because you cannot grow food in such events, there were an additional estimated 19–28 million deaths from famine. The civilian deaths totaled 50–55 million. Today, the world leaders seem to be cheering for war. The mainstream media is constantly advocating for war because they are bought and paid for by the establishment – obedience to authority.

Nuclear War

Even if there were no nuclear weapons, just keeping with World War II, 3% of the world population was killed. Today, that will be about 250 million – almost the equivalent of the entire United States. These people are freaking out over the population, and they want a good pruning of the herd. In 1900, the world population was 1.7 billion. That became 6 billion by 2000, and now 8 billion by 2024. This is why these people want war – they want to reduce the population, end all sovereign debts and unfunded entitlements, and usher in a new postwar boom to rebuild the cities they have destroyed.

DJIND W World War I

NATO may be planning to invade Russia, but China and North Korea will join the action. Based on our computer’s forecasts, this will NOT end nicely for the West. I wish I were wrong, and Socrates is wrong. But it seems to be inevitable at this point. NOBODY is interested in peace. Honor the Minsk Agreement, and this war is over in 24 hours. This is what Victoria Nuland is saying – war will stimulate the economy.

Intl War Index 12 30 22

Thank you, Macron, for showing the world the real agenda. When will you be satisfied? Killing off 50%, 4 billion people with World War III? Or shall we take it back to 1900 with just 1.7 billion?

It was said Blessed be the Peacemakers.

It is hard, if not impossible, to find one today in political office.