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Sudan – The Russian Connection and New Proxy War

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Sudan is the new site for the ongoing proxy war between Russia and the West, reminiscent of the Syrian conflict. The media had turned a blind eye to the internal conflict in Sudan under the idea that it did not involve us, unlike other global wars that can be used for profit and power. Then Russia became involved, and the world began to notice the destruction happening in the African country. Russian oligarch Yevgeny Prigozhin is allegedly providing weapons and humanitarian aid to the RSF under the Wagner Group, a Russian paramilitary organization. Prigozhin claims Russia has not been involved with Sudan for two years, but numerous sources state otherwise. No one cared about the people of Sudan until Russia became involved, and now there is an international outcry with false flags galore.


“We do have deep concern about the engagement of the Prigozhin group, the Wagner Group, in Sudan,” US Secretary Anthony Blinken told reporters. “It’s in so many different countries in Africa — an element that, when it’s engaged, simply brings more death and destruction with it.” Wagner Group does operate in numerous countries in Africa and even has a naval base in the Red Sea that was established in 2019. Moscow has gained access to natural resources, military bases, and satellite locations, as well as securing arms deals, in exchange for providing mercenaries through Wagner. Most importantly, Russia has access to the gold mines in Sudan. The West is accusing Russia of using the proceeds from these mines to fund the war in Ukraine. There are also reports of Russian mercenaries surrounding the port of Sudan, and there are claims they are preventing people from evacuating.

The biggest false flag in Sudan — there is a risk of a “germ bomb” spreading across the globe after Sudanese soldiers hijacked a biolab. The World Health Organization (WHO) says the biolab poses a “huge biological risk,” and trained medical technicians can no longer access the facility. The facility has no power, and “it is not possible to properly manage the biological materials that are stored in the laboratory for medical purposes.”

Polio, measles, and cholera are the only diseases that they are reporting on. Coincidentally, these are illnesses with developed vaccinations, although the cholera vaccine is not widely used in the US. This could be a method to encourage vaccinations on the global population once again. It is also an excuse for foreign nations to invade under the premise of health vs. wanting to expel Russia.

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What happened in Sudan is precisely what happened to all nations, empires, and city-states before their demise. Change happens once the people protecting those in power side with the disgruntled people pleading for revolution. The military generals who stick by the government are in direct conflict with those who wish for a regime change. As in Sudan, the military is no longer one unified body but becomes multiple warring armies fighting for power. This has been going on in Africa (e.g., Somalia) and countries in the Middle East for a long time. We will soon see the same course of action in the West—it’s just a matter of time.