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Senate Blocks Foreign Border Spending Package

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The Senate has prevented the US government from sending billions to aid foreign wars in a 49-51 vote. Republicans demanded that protections for the US border be implemented in the latest $111 billion spending package. The nation is spending billions on the illegals entering the country and those requesting a secure border are asking for a fraction of what the Biden Administration sent to Ukraine alone. Biden is now threatening to send American troops to Ukraine if he cannot send a blank check.

Biden continued with the claim that Putin wants to build the Russian empire and will not stop at Ukraine. “We’ll have something that we don’t seek and that we don’t have today: American troops fighting Russian troops,” Biden declared. Now some say Biden was merely stating that America would be forced to act if Russia attacked a  NATO nation. The truth of the matter is that Biden is threatening to kill American men and women if he does not secure funding. National Security spokesperson John Kirby reiterated Biden’s threats. “America will not only spend money, but also shed its own blood,” he claimed. “If you think the cost of supporting Ukraine is high now just imagine how much higher it’s going to be not just in National Treasure but in American blood if he [Putin] starts going after one of our NATO allies… we [will] take our Article 5 commitments very seriously,” said Kirby.

Invasion is Here

Senator Bernie Sanders actually sided with the GOP over this issue as he did not want to send Israel “no-strings-attached money.” Sanders believes Netanyahu is a far-right extremist but does not believe the war can simply end. Rather, he does not believe America should focus on funding foreign wars at this time. “The problem with saying it is, it is not going to happen, because in Hamas, you have a corrupt terrorist organization that has stated before the attack on October 7, and after the attack on October 7, that their goal is to destroy Israel and engage in perpetual warfare,” Sanders continued. “To simply say ‘cease-fire,’ in my view, would be to provide false hope to anybody. I don’t know how you have a cease-fire with a group who says we don’t want a cease-fire.”

As for the Biden Administration, the situation at the US-Mexico border has never been worse. Americans want American taxes to go toward securing our own border and we deserve to have representation.