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Russian Schools Preparing Children for War

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Numerous schools reopened this week after the summer break. Unlike US schools that are aiming to eliminate gender in textbooks, children in Russia will have a few new additions to their curriculum to prepare the youth for the ongoing war. After all, the older children must prepare and be aware of the war that they may one day fight and die in. Children will learn why Russia invaded Ukraine in  “Special Military Operation” class and will be educated on “Crimean reunification with Russia.” Putin’s aid, Vladimir Medinsky, oversaw the new updated history books that praise Russian defense or heroism vs. aggression.

The older children will learn “Basics of Life Safety,” intended as a basic military training course. Older teens will learn how to handle grenades, uncrewed aerial vehicle (UAV) operations, and the proper use of Kalashnikov rifles. Students will also learn basic military first aid, determining how to save the lives of their fellow classmates who could one day be dying before their eyes. Veterans of the ongoing war in Ukraine will visit classrooms to deliver firsthand accounts. “The new curriculum serves three objectives: to indoctrinate students with the Kremlin rationale for the ‘Special Military Operation’, instil students with a martial mindset, and reduce training timelines for onwards mobilisation and deployment,” the UK Ministry of Defence reported via a post on X.

Russians do not have the soft mindset of the West, and parents do not sugarcoat the harsh realities of life to their children. One parent told France 24 in regards to the new curriculum, “There are reasons for concerns… You just need to be prepared for anything and not be afraid.” We have seen military indoctrination in schools throughout history. Everyone likes to point to the Hitler Youth program as an example, but there are countless instances of this occurring. Various countries currently require the youth to serve in the military after schooling. However, the sudden change in curriculum shows that Russia is prepared for a lengthy battle. The nation wants to preserve its version of the historical events unfolding before our eyes. It is sad to know that the incoming class of students will one day be a deployed group of soldiers fighting a senseless war.