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Russia says US, Britain & Ukraine were behind the Terrorist Attack

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Russia has come out and bluntly stated that “The United States, Britain and Ukraine are behind the terrorist attack at Crocus City Hall, the chief of Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) Alexander Bortnikov has told the media.” As I have said, NOBODY who thinks even objectively ever thought for one half-a-second that this had anything to do with ISIS or any Islamic Terrorist attack. First of all, it would be the first time such an act took place, and the terrorists tried to run. They typically die in such events, for they believe all their sins will be forgiven, and they get the 72 virgins.

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Unfortunately, this was not very sophisticated to really try to cover up the source being Ukraine. They wanted Russia to know who was really behind this to provoke an attack on any NATO country so they could claim Russia was the aggressor. They need Russia to formally attack first to rally the stupid to die on the battlefield in Ukraine for God & Country, which is really for the NEOCONS since we don’t really have a president in charge of anything.

Putin supports Iran, so it makes no sense whatsoever that there would be a terrorist attack against Russia. The source is at least Ukraine, and since the USA claimed it warned Russia, it only implicates the NECONS, and quite frankly, I have been warning that they were attempting to create war BEFORE the election while they still have their hand-puppet, Biden. That week was the strongest target for a turning point, and everything appeared to unfold precisely according to time. The truth will also surface when history books are written, like the Weapons of Mass Destruction that never existed.


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The two periods the computer was projecting for war were May and July/August. With Putin’s inauguration on May 7th, this attack was timed for the same old attempt to force the Russian people to rise up against Putin and instigate regime change.  This is not going to happen. May is the most important target for the entire year. Look at the volatility in June.

I wish the computer was wrong. This is NOT my personal opinion. I have tried my best to warn the world that this does NOT look good. As I have said, I have been trying to defeat the computer because that is what I would prefer personally for my own family. But my personal objectives are irrelevant. My job is to report what the computer says, and our clients can interpret the arrays themselves.

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I have been warning for years that gold does NOT respond to the BS of inflation and fiat currency nonsense. Gold responds to geopolitical events because it is NEUTRAL, and the government spends money ten times faster during the war. Gold is still in the process of making a channel move, and we are heading into April, and this can get tricky. If gold gets through the $2300 level on a closing basis, then we could test the $2500 level in April, all on the back of geopolitical uncertainty. Back in 1980, gold virtually doubled in the last six weeks because Russia invaded Afghanistan.

We need the computer right now because personal opinions are just guessing.