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Russia Denies they Were Their Missiles

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RT Russia Denies Missile Strikes


Russia has come out and denied that their missiles entered Poland. It is time the West calls out Zelensky for what he is – a ruthless liar who should be removed from power to save humanity – forget the planet. I warned from the outset, this would be the man who will create World War III. He is a total disgrace. He has done nothing but lies to the world EVERY SINGLE TIME. Any Western Media who supports Zelensky are puppets of the deep state and are NOT independent journalists. If they did their job. they would report the truth.

Ukraine False Flag

The Ukrainians shot down the Malaysian flight MH17 and tried to blame the Russians in the Donbas. They used an old Russian missile that was no longer in use.  The Ukrainians killed their own people to create a false flag before at Bucha. They massacred Russian civilians in Odessa in May and the West was silent. Those who went to Ukraine believing they were fighting for democracy have returned accusing Ukraine of carrying out war crimes.

Ukraine Holy War

Besides Zelensky outlawing the Russian language when the people of Eastern Ukraine are ethnic Russians who have lived there for centuries and Ukraine NEVER existed before the USSR,  he has also carried out a Holy War outlawing Russian churches and demanding they are not subservient to Kyiv. They is no different from the French seizure of the Vatican and moving it to Avinion – the period of the anti-popes. He has done the same thing and outlawed the equivalent of the pope to Russian Orthodox. He has not just denied democracy by rejecting the Belgrade and Minsk Agreements where the Donbas was to vote for their own independence, but he has even denied them the Freedom of Religion.

Zelensky_Dancing_in_High_Heels Zelensky on Stage R

This is the man who is destroying the world and the West cheers this character? Every newspaper that cheers the death of people on the battlefield and civilians all to support this ruthless greedy character, has washed their hands in blood. They should put on their high heels to join him on the world stage. Claiming they cannot “independently” confirm is not good enough They are COVERING UP the Truth.

ANY world leader that believes Zelensky should be removed from office

as a traitor to their own people