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Republicans Fail to Reject NATO Expansion

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We spend too much on the military, but we should give all our money to Ukraine. Make it make sense! Sweden and Finland made their grand debut in NATO this week. The Democrats helped push that into law in a vote that passed 394-18. Only 18 dissenters, all Republicans, saw the flaw involved with expanding NATO. That means most Republicans supported this act as well, utterly ignorant of the implications.

Former President Trump notoriously tried to leave NATO, citing that the US paid well above the 2% target and other nations relied on America’s military power but not the other way around. The left constantly complains when we spend money to protect our own country.

Thomas Massie (Ky.) reminded the public that other NATO members have failed to meet their obligation of spending 2% of GDP on NATO. In fact, more than two-thirds of NATO countries fail to meet this requirement, while the US pays much more. “America can’t afford to subsidize socialist Europe’s defense, nor should we,” Massie tweeted. Matt Gaetz bluntly stated that America simply cannot afford this unnecessary purchase right now. “Gas is a bazillion dollars… Inflation is over 9 percent… The House is currently voting on how we think other countries should react to our newfound commitment to NATO expansion in Scandinavia,” Gaetz tweeted.

The Biden Administration has completely abandoned all domestic policy in favor of international objectives that in no way benefit America. What happens if Sweden or Finland goes to war? Well, 394 US lawmakers do not seem to care if we are pulled into another war and may be actively instigating one. It is alarming that only 18 people in power understand the implications of expanding NATO.