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Putin Pleas for Peace

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The vilification of Putin has been extremely successful, so much so that no one is listening to his words. The Russian leader recently spoke of conflict resolution. That is not something a warmonger hellbent on conquering nations would discuss. And yet, Putin seems to be the only world leader discussing the potential of resolving the conflict in Ukraine without escalation.

We sincerely tried to reach an agreement [with Ukraine]. It was difficult to negotiate some kind of patchwork of southeastern Ukraine with the rest of the country, but we tried in good faith,” Putin told military correspondents according to Sputnik news. He also reiterated that their intent regarding Ukraine has not changed. He is not attempting to resurrect the USSR or threaten other nations. Putin only wants the historically Russian territories in Ukraine. Why are we starting a world war over this wish that does not involve other nations?

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“What is happening there [in Ukraine] now will certainly never suit us, historically speaking. When the negotiations were held, including in Istanbul, we constantly raised this issue, and they in turn told us: ‘But there is nothing neo-Nazi about us, what do you want from us?’ [Russia wants] at least some relative legislative restrictions. In general, we also agreed on this during the round of negotiations before our troops were withdrawn from Kiev and after they threw all our agreements out of the window,” Putin said. Every attempt at conflict resolution was denied by the neocons. The very agreement that could have prevented Russia from entering Ukraine in the first place was based on a lie.

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“We wanted and we still want to have the best relations with all our neighbors after the collapse of the Soviet Union. And we do so, we have come to terms with… Well, that’s what’s happened. We have to live with it,” Putin plainly stated.

It is amazing how the media portrays him as a crazed man intent on destroying the world. I discuss the propaganda techniques used at length in my new book, “The Plot to Seize Russia.” Listen to his words because is intentions are clear. He has no desire to feud with the West. ” If they really want today’s conflict to end through negotiations, they only need to make one decision – to stop the supply of weapons and equipment. That’s it,” Putin declared. The problem is that they do not want to resolve the conflict by any means other than war. Russia clearly does not want war and has been asking the world to listen to their pleas for peace.