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Pentagon Urges Congress to Approve MORE Aid for Ukraine

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Joe Biden’s slip of the tongue about the US being short on ammo is factual. The Pentagon has sounded the alarm that they are running low on funding to replace the weapons gifted to Ukraine. Coincidentally, their warning comes immediately after Congress agreed to forego adding Ukrainian aid to the budget to prevent a shutdown. Now, did we really think they would stop sending funding?

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After the budget was approved, Biden came out and said that the US must continue funding Ukraine by any means necessary. “We cannot under any circumstances allow America’s support for Ukraine to be interrupted,” Biden said. “We have time, not much time, and there’s an overwhelming sense of urgency.”

Pentagon Comptroller Michael McCord admitted that there is only $1.6 billion in funding from the $25.9 billion budget that Congress approved for Ukraine. Now, this is the very same Pentagon that has never once passed an audit. America’s favorite money laundering service admitted in June that they misplaced $6.2 billion destined for Ukraine. The Pentagon has managed to “misplace” TRILLIONS in taxpayer dollars over the years, and yet, they have never been expected to pass an audit.

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The Pentagon said that there is $5.4 billion worth of weapons in US stockpiles that could be provided to Ukraine. “We have already been forced to slow down the replenishment of our own forces to hedge against an uncertain funding future,” McCord said in the letter. “Failure to replenish our military services on a timely basis could harm our military’s readiness.”

Also, coincidentally, they are saying that without a funding package, Ukraine will suffer losses by Thanksgiving, which falls on the fourth Thursday of November. This is around the time that the temporary budget will be re-evaluated.

Stop this madness. Americans do not feel a sense of urgency to send our personal weapons to Ukraine, and we certainly do not want to accumulate more debt to fight a war that only serves the neocons and globalists. It would not be unlikely for an event to occur between now and November that would change some public perspectives on increasing unlimited funding for Ukraine. This is akin to asking a homeless person for a large sum of money. We are deeply in debt with no clear way out. Domestic policy is nonexistent.