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Palestinian Refugees Heading to America

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To the surprise of none, President Joe Biden is considering allowing Palestinians to seek refuge in America. Technically, they could already come here; anyone and everyone could come here, as the borders are unsecured, and everyone who shows up receives a full welfare package funded by American citizens. The Biden Administration wants to streamline the process by expanding the United States Refugee Admissions Program to permit Palestinians to live a new life in America.

Senior White House officials would like to provide a free ride to Palestinians who already escaped their nation and are settled in Egypt. The ploy is to garner more support for the Democratic Party ahead of elections, flip states blue, and offset traditional American culture.

Over 250 former Obama Administration staff members penned Joe Biden this week to say that he is not doing enough to support the cease-fire in Gaza. “We are writing to you together because we see you both as our leaders with tremendous influence over the fate of Palestinians and our democratic society here in America. We implore you both to lead now before our democracy and the world backslide further into war and authoritarianism,” the letter says.

As with every war, the letter states that the US is “ON THE WRONG SIDE OF HISTORY.” This is the classical manipulative rhetoric of the neocons to support wars on both sides. You must fund the murder of the proper side for the textbooks to be written in your favor. And what an honor it must be to be the president amid a war — your name surely will not be forgotten.

America is funding Israel and then permitting their enemy to seek refuge within its own borders. We are spending billions on both Palestine and Israel — WHY?



This is a great way to pander to the Gen Z voter block as well, as we have seen an uptick in civil unrest throughout almost every university. These kids have no idea what Hamas stands for and are oblivious to the real issues at play in Palestine. They should be permitted to go to Palestine and fight alongside Hamas if they feel so strongly about the cause. Perhaps their universities would even provide them with academic credits.

As you can see in the video above, Mosab Hassan Yousef, the disowned son of Hamas co-founder Shik Hassan Yousef, educates these fraudulent academics on the reality of life in Palestine. There are tribes, such as Hamas, throughout Palestine, and without Israel, these tribes would be killing one another. “You lack the authenticity to represent the cause. This is a human problem; the cause must die, and you are helping Hamas prove to the world that Hamas depends on the destruction of the state of Israel,” he asserted. The people of Palestine “will pay the price in blood” for years to come — no one wins during times of war besides the people funding and profiting on the war.

So now Biden would like to invite people from these various tribes to continue their holy war within US borders. America is supporting BOTH SIDES, instigating the flames of war to ensure the conflict grows and other nations feel compelled to fight on behalf of Palestine, a nation with no army. These are classical tactics to create a proxy war that hurts innocent people of all nations – including the nations funding both sides of the war.