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Nuclear War to Save the Plan

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Nagasaki JapanCOMMENT: Great article about Nuclear War and saving the planet. You forgot to mention Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The “science” says both cities should have been uninhabitable for a 1000 years after a nuclear war. Yet, their populations doubled in 20 years after being nuked? Hiroshima now has 9 times its 1945 population. In 1945, after the A-bomb, it was 137,000. Now they have 1.2 million people? Doesn’t make sense!


Nuclear BombREPLY: You are correct. I have even visited the area. I did not think to add that. The idea that a nuclear attack will poison the area permanently is also bad science just like Climate Change and the Earth will fry all because of CO2. I somehow think that not just cockroaches will survive a nuclear blast, but I get this strange feeling so will the people at the WEF.