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North Korea backs Russia

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#VladimirPutin and #KimJongUn appear before cameras, with support for Russia’s #military aggression declared in public by NorthKorea. Watch more @Sky News

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Kim Jong Un traveled to Moscow to show Russian President Vladimir Putin his support. North Korea is completely dependent on China after the hermit kingdom was shunned from global trade long ago. Russia’s support could prove vital to North Korea as reports of famine and hardship have made their way out of the secretive country.

Kim Jong Un said Russia will secure a victory over “evil” forces. “Russia is waging a sacred fight against the West,” he said, adding that North Korea will work together with Russia to “fight against imperialism.” Three generations of dictators have been focused on demolishing the West, accumulating military supplies, and militarizing the nation in preparation for an inevitable attack. The entire Korean peninsula will be up in arms if China, Russia, and North Korea begin performing military exercises together.

North Korea has nothing to lose, a dangerous enemy indeed, and needs this partnership with Russia more than Russia needs North Korea. Absolutely no one is willing to trade with the strict dictatorship, and they are wholly reliant on China. The nation only exists because it has nuclear powers that it threatens to use frequently. Russia will likely ask for military bases, equipment, and fighters. North Korea is seeking advanced Russian technology as the nation has faced numerous embarrassments after failed military tests. In particular, North Korea wishes to launch spy satellites but has failed on numerous occasions.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that the details will be kept confidential. This partnership gives the West another reason to point its finger and say, “Those are the bad guys.” A grand-scale war is increasingly becoming inevitable.