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North Korea and Russia Join Forces

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If there is one country that the West and Japan fear more than Russia, it is North Korea. Dictator Kim Jong-Un repeatedly threatens nuclear warfare, but that is his last grip on power as he knows his nation would be overtaken instantly if the threat did not exist. North Korea rolled out the red carpet for Vladimir Putin’s visit, where the two nations pledged to protect one another if attacked.

North Korea gave Putin the royal treatment during his visit, the first time Putin had gone to the hermit kingdom in 24 years. Putin’s picture was displayed around the nation alongside Jung-Un’s, which is a massive sign of respect in North Korea as the dictator’s picture must be displayed throughout households and public centers. He is upheld as a diety rather than a politician. Putin rode in the motorcade with Kim Jong-Un, parading around Pyongyang. Putin is desperate for allies as all of NATO has turned against Russia. Yet, North Korea has more to gain from this partnership.

The hermit kingdom has only China as a trading ally and partner as it has been exiled from the global economy. North Korea has been facing an ongoing famine and agriculture composes over 21% of the nation’s GDP. Farming and all other industries are completely controlled by the government. The nation could never be successful with or without open trade. Nearly half (44.7%) of North Korea’s GDP is derived from industrials such as cement and steel, but few are willing to open trade lines as they are sure to anger other nations due to international sanctions.

Kim pledged “full support and solidarity with the struggles of the Russian government, military and the people” and will help Russia “to protect its own sovereignty, safety and territorial stability.”

“Situations continue to be complicated and ever-changing, but I would like to take this opportunity to reiterate that we will continue to strengthen and closely engage in strategic communication with the (Russian) leadership,” Kim added. Putin said that Russia would also act to protect North Korea if it were invaded, opening new opportunities for false flags. North Korea has allegedly been supplying Russia with arms, but Moscow really needs soldiers.

There is nothing more that Russia could do to anger the West. Perhaps Putin would have hesitated to call upon North Korea for help before, but he has nothing to lose now as the West is clearly moving to mobilize against Russia.