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Neocons for NATO

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NATO North Atlantic Terror Organization

A Donald Trump win would be a complete disaster for the Neocons. He repeatedly stated that withdrawing from the war in Ukraine would be his first priority on day one in office. Trump threatened to leave NATO and was a harsh critic of the organization as he did not see the benefits for the US. Congress cannot take that chance again and has voted to ban any president from withdrawing from NATO.

The measure received bipartisan support and the effort was led by Senator Tim Kaine (D-Va.) and Senator Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) as part of the National Defense Authorization Act. The United States provided $821 million to NATO  in its FY 2022 budget. NATO members agreed to spend 2% of their GDP on the alliance back in 2014 when fears of Russian aggression were spreading. Only three other nations adhered to that target, and as of July 2023, only 10 of the then 31 members were meeting their target.

NATO 1991 Russia Join scaled

The United States contributes more than any other NATO member. The United States, United Kingdom, and Germany pay for over 40% of NATO’s budget. NATO continually expands, also expanding the threat of war. Everyone knows the rules of Article 5 – if one nation is attacked, all nations must respond. Yet they are strategically growing NATO by welcoming countries that are a hop, skip, and jump away from “unfriendly” nations. This is precisely what the Russian government wanted to prevent, as they felt backed into a corner by NATO aggression.

Many decades ago, Russia wanted to join the alliance under Yeltsin, who worked to defend his country from the old hardline Communists. NATO declined as they needed an enemy as an excuse to maintain their alliance. To the Neocons, Russia will always be the USSR and the Communist enemy along with China. In 1997, the same year Yeltsin was reelected, then-Senator Joe Biden begged NATO to welcome all the Baltic nations. That was two years before Putin came to power, as Russia has always and must always be the enemy.

America has been the world’s war financier since WW2. Congress effectively welded international foreign interests with domestic policy by forcing the nation to back NATO indefinitely. I say indefinitely as Neocons are on both sides of the political arena and would never vote to leave NATO.