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Neocons Favor Nuclear War

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Nuclear Bomb

Japan has recently condemned US neocons for speaking favorably of nuclear war. The United States was the first nation to use an atomic bomb during a war, hitting the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki on August 6 and 9, 1945. Nearly a quarter of a million people were instantly killed, while countless others suffered medical consequences for generations to come.

The Manhattan Project may have led Japan to surrender, rightfully so, as such destruction was previously unfathomable. The effects shocked the international community, and the threat of using another nuclear explosive has been the largest threat during times of war. There have been countless peace agreements and pledges to learn from past mistakes, but as the next world war rapidly approaches, the neocons have signaled that they would be willing to implode cities and civilizations.

Graham Lindsey b 1955

Why is it OK for America to drop two nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki to end their existential threat war? … I thought it was OK,” Graham said in an NBC News program. “That was the right decision.” Graham then hinted at Israel doing whatever it needs to do “to survive as a Jewish state.”

Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshimasa Hayashi called Graham’s statements “extremely regrettable.” The nuclear bombings “took many precious lives, caused (a number of) people to suffer unspeakable hardships such as illnesses and brought about an extremely regrettable humanitarian situation,” they drastically understated.

I have seen comments justifying the use of the atomic bombs in 1945 due to the cruelty of the Japanese Imperial forces. Do they realize that CIVILIANS were the primary victims of these nuclear weapons? What’s more – the majority of developed nations now have this power. America nuked Japan and the world fell silent. If someone were to drop a nuclear bomb today, the repercussions would be untold. Not only do developed nations have nuclear weapons, but they have them carefully positioned throughout the world and ready to launch at a moment’s notice.

Russia recently attempted to push an international treaty to ban weapons in space but was denied. The neocons WILL risk as many lives as possible, and now we know with certainty that the establishment is not above using nuclear weapons once again. We have experienced wars, but never nuclear wars. The damage and loss of life is unfathomable.