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NATO is Already in Ukraine

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COMMENT: I want to apologize. I did not believe you that the West had been the aggressor. It turns out, NATO has troops already there because Ukraine has lost so many men. You were right. NATO troops are there and will be operating the tanks and aircraft. This is already world war III which has been undeclared. I yield to your sources.



REPLY: I am against war. I know the objectives and the reasoning. This is not a conspiracy theory. Besides being asked to invest $10 billion back in 1999 to seize control of Russia, I have even been asked for advice on redesigning the monetary system after Bretton Woods II. Quite frankly, there is nothing I can do. These people have already made up their minds and they pat themselves on their backs for taking down Russia will save the planet.

NATO troops are already there. They pretend to be mercenaries. I am fully aware of your Austrian colonel Markus Reisner, who bluntly told a journalist, that NATO troops will run the tanks. He explained what everyone has already known.  He admitted that “we don’t need to send NATO soldiers to Ukraine, I just take off my uniform and sign a contract with a private security company and I am going to Ukraine as I am no longer a member of the Austrian armed forces but a mercenary.”

So-called “foreign mercenaries” have been there fighting in Ukraine from the start. I know two French who returned disgusted about the war crimes and theft of equipment that the Ukrainians are carrying out. Another fact is that where there have been NATO “advisers” killed in action, they have been beheaded and their hands chopped off so the Russians have no proof that NATO has been in Ukraine.

Look, this war could end in one week. All they have to do is comply with the Minsk Agreement. The West WANTS this war – they NEED IT! People who think the government would never lie are beyond hope and probably wear a mask when they sleep at night – just in case. If you do not want to believe that, that’s your problem. Perhaps you will finally wake up when your future is totally gone. And they probably believe all inflation is Putin’s fault as well.

Truth Casuality in War

I am glad you kept an open mind. QUESTION everything and perhaps you will arrive at the truth, which is always the first casualty in war. NEVER believe what any government says. Just like Ukraine, they have been hiding their losses.

NATO is playing a very dangerous game. They are pushing this to the limit and are praying for Russia to attack anywhere outside of Ukraine so they can then claim it was an unprovoked attack – another fake Day that will live in Infamy!


April May 2023

They are looking to force Russia to throw up its hands and declare war on NATO to save its own people, culture, and history. These Neocons NEVER even weight the risks because they are so arrogant, they assume they will win and never have Plan B.