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Kyiv Airport Destoryed

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The Kyiv Airport was destroyed to prevent the West from flying in military equipment. This is the same strategy as singing ships from America to Britain with military arms in World War I. There are a lot of Ukrainians who are not supporting Zelensky. He ran promising to make peace with Russia and he was elected like Trump because he was not a politician. The resentment coming from some Ukrainians is that feel that Zelensky is now a puppet to promote war. All he had to do was agree to a ceasefire, yield Donbas which the US has been covertly supporting the civil war, and save Ukraine as a nation. But the refusal to yield Donbas was against the wishes of the West.

The danger here is that the people of Ukraine flip and see that they have been merely a pawn in a proxy war between the West and Russia. This can only get worse for there is no great peacemaker today. I do not like what our computer is forecasting, but I suppose we are just headed into a war that will escalate and will be not something we just watch on TV safe and sound from the real events as if this were another action movie.