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Kremlin: NATO Preparing for War with Russia

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(Footage from Operation Barbarossa, known in Russia as the Great Patriotic War)

I have warned that Russia has felt as if it were on the defensive. They feel that the West and NATO have aligned against them and infringed on their sovereignty. Pope Francis made similar comments when he said that Russia was perhaps “provoked” and invaded Ukraine once they felt backed into a corner from which there was no escape.

Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov recently stated that he fears NATO and the West are planning to eventually wage war with Russia. The European Union (EU) recently granted candidacy status to Ukraine after denying them entry for years. They know Ukraine’s debt will be unpayable after the war without Russian reparations which will likely cripple the Russian economy. The war would have ended months ago if Western powers did not intervene and continually provide billions in funding. They are not simply doing a good deed – there is a reason behind their involvement.

Lavrov compared the situation to June 22, 1941, when Nazi Germany invaded the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union was surprised by the attack, but Germany was not alone. Troops from Romania and Finland helped Germany invade, and later forces from Croatia, Hungary, Italy, and Slovakia were brought in to fight all the way to the outer areas of Moscow.

“Hitler rallied a significant part, if not most, of the European nations under his banner for a war against the Soviet Union,” Lavrov said. “[N]ow, the EU together with NATO are forming another—modern—coalition for a standoff and, ultimately, war with the Russian Federation.” Everyone disregards these remarks simply because they cannot fathom comparing a Jewish identifying leader (Zelensky) to Hitler despite the fact that Zelensky has been seen alongside modern-day Nazi coalitions.

History repeats.