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It’s The Lusitania Ploy All Over Again

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1981 Lusitania_divers_warned_of_danger_from_war_munitions

German Lusitania_warningThe Neocons are playing with the lives of people desperate to create World War III and to entice Putin to PLEASE attack anyone in NATO. In 1915, Germany took out advertisements in the New York newspapers warning people not to travel on the passenger ship the RMS Lusitania for it was illegally using civilians as cover to provide arms to Britain. Of course, the US denied that they were using civilians just as Hamas in Palestine. The death toll was 1201 civilians died to get the USA to enter World War I.
20 years laterThe Germans took the bait and sank the RMS Lusitania, and the USA used that as the excuse to finally enter World War I, which was their objective all along. Even 20 years later, the US continued to deny there were any arms on the Lusitania. However, with modern technology, divers could finally reach the Lusitania. Only in 1982, 67 years later, were divers warned that there were explosives on the Lusitania.
Finally, recovered ammunition from the Lusitania, proving once and for all that the Germans were correct. What is incredibly critical to understand here is that the Lusitania was used as bait to get the Germans to sink the ship to justify entering the war.

From the Trenches – Lusitania’s Secret Cargo – Archaeology Magazine Archive

This is one of the oldest tricks in the book. The West instructed the interim Ukraine government in 2014, which they hand-picked, to start the civil war and attack the Donbas. Merkel negotiated the Minsk Agreement in BAD FAITH only to buy time for Ukraine to build an army. When it comes to war, as I have said many times, the first casualty is always the truth.

British have provided the missiles used by Ukraine to sink the Russian ship; dozens of Russian servicemembers were declared missing or wounded after the 370-foot Ropucha-class Novocherkassk large landing ship was hit on December 26 in Crimea by Ukrainian cruise missiles. Moscow admitted damage to the ship, which carried a crew of up to 87 service members.

However, the missiles used by Ukraine were provided by the U.K. Ministry of Defense, but they also provided Kyiv with satellite surveillance and target guidance. This is becoming common knowledge, and they, too, are praying at the foot of their bed every night that Putin will yield to the demands that he extracts a price from the British for as they are screaming, this is not a war against Ukraine; this is against the USA, Britain, and NATO. Even the Russian political scientist Yuri Baranchik now calls for Putin to attack the British warship HMS Diamond. Barinchik wrote on Telegram:

“This is a blow from Britain/the United States and a desire to interrupt the positive background from the capture of Marinka, as well as the recent successes of the Russian Armed Forces at the front.”

Barinchik has characterized this British attack as a “training exercise” for a potential future strike on Russia’s naval components in the Northern Fleet. Thus, I have been warning that Putin is the MODERATE – not the evil demon that the Western propaganda machine keeps putting out. I have expressed my concern that the West will do whatever it can to overthrow Putin in hopes of replacing him with a hardliner to launch World War III. Beware of January/February 2024.

The desperate need to provoke Putin to attack anyone in NATO to justify World War III.