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Israel v Palestine – Military Power

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Let me begin by stating that Palestine does not have a military. The terrorist group Hamas contains between 30,000 and 40,000 fighters, but only a few hundred are believed to have received proper training. Hamas does not have an air force or any naval power. In contrast, Israel has one of the most advanced defense forces in the world.

International Institute for Strategic Studies’ (IISS) Military Balance 2023 states that Israel has 169,500 active duty military members, with another 465,000 in the reserve forces. Every adult in the nation has received proper basic military training. Israel has over 2,000 main battle tanks and 615 heavy infantry fighting vehicles, while Hamas currently has 0. Their impressive air force has 196 F-16 fighter planes, 83 F-15, 36 F-35, 140 military helicopters, and 43 Apache attack helicopters. They also have five submarines and 49 battleships. Then there is the once-thought-to-be impenetrable Iron Dome and, most importantly, nuclear weapons.

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Israel has a defense budget of around $23.6 billion. America and other nations have been funding Israel’s military, with America alone providing $118 billion since 1949. The Biden Administration has pledged an additional $2 billion in supplementary funding, and other Western nations will follow.

The US Navy has been deployed to the Mediterranean Sea. Are we sending extremely advanced technology to defeat a few hundred barely trained ground soldiers? The US sent two carriers to an enemy that has no carriers or aircrafts aside from some paragliders who have managed to bypass the Iron Dome. Again, Palestine does not have a military – at all. Hamas uses the people of Palestine as human shields and that is its main defense system.

We are preparing for World War III. The players are entering the arena for something much larger than Israel v Palestine. The Neocons across the globe are moving in full force to promote this war. This is precisely what our cycle had predicted for 2023, with a spike in violence in the Middle East. Those who read “The Next Jihad” know that the worst is sadly yet to come.