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Israel Attacks Iran

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We are getting reports that Israel has launched drone attacks on Iran in an attempt to prevent it from achieving nuclear weapons. We are also getting disturbing reports from Asia. This General has come out and said there will be war with China by 2025 which has sparked an avalanche of emails asking if they are using our model, all I can say is everyone looks at it. Yes, we see international war at its worst between 2025 into 2027. But things are to begin here in 2023.

MA War Cycycle at 2011 Conference

I laid this out at our 2011 WEC in Philadelphia. These are our COMPUTER forecasts – not my personal opinion. I am not in the business of trying to get people to buy something and scaring them into something to separate them from their money. I certainly do not run advertisements claiming this is the guy that predicted WWIII so what does he say now!

Personally, I wish this was not happening. I have tried my best to argue against this, but the people we have cheering for war are just insane. Every war is longer and far worse than people think going in. Every war results in twice as many civilians being killed than soldiers.

When I was 13 and went to Europe with my family, etched into my memory was when I was staring at the bullet holes in a wall in Berlin. An old guy came up to me and started yelling – “You did that!” I saw the hatred in his eyes – the scourage and scars of war in his expression. He was probably a civilian for he was much older than my father who served in World War II under General Patton.

There are ONLY three ways to prevent World War III.

  • (1) the West stops this BS, honors the Minsk Agreement, and lets the Donbas vote on their own status.
  • (2) The Ukrainians overthrow Zelensky who was elected promising peace with Russia but was told to create WWIII.
  • (3) Russia nukes Kyiv and pounds its chest asking – Is this where you want to go? Then the people of the West might rise up against these insane warmongers.

This insanity thinking that Russia can be easily defeated, we occupy Russia with troops, and peace will return is a fool’s dream. And we ask China to please wait their turn. There are far more nationalists waiting to grab power in Russia and they will just as soon push the button and wipe out all of Europe no different than the dreams of American Neocons have for Russia. Do you really want Russia in chaos and civil war with more than 6,800 nuclear weapons on the loose? Nobody seems to have thought about what really happens here.

None of this is my PERSONAL desire or forecast. My job is only to lay out what the computer projects. It has foreseen this coming more than a decade in advance.