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Is War the Ploy for the Great Reset?

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Lindsey_Graham_on Putin

There is something very wrong going on here. In diplomacy, you NEVER begin by demonizing your opponent. It is like an argument between two people. You may try to discuss your issues, and at some point, it becomes impossible for either party to agree. That brings the name-calling and anger where you either leave or end up in a fistfight. Here we have skipped all the formalities, abandoned any discussion, and simply moved to verbal assaults. Something is just not right. Graham’s outrageous statement calling for the assassination of Putin simply takes this to the level that there is not going to be an attempt to reach a settlement. Assassinate Putin and you will end up with another Stalin.

Ukrain Poll

I received a poll and look at the options. It appears that there is an attempt to escalate this further which is a war that cannot possibly be won. Then in their mind, they get to really Build Back Better.

Zelensky Schwab

We have to ask the question: Has the failure of COVID to accomplish the Great Reset been escalated to war? Seizing assets of private citizens and moving deliberately to burn down the world economy in order to Build Back Better is starting to appear to be an agenda. This makes no sense and getting the press and the people to just demonize Putin ensures there can be no resolution other than confrontation. What will the West do when Ukraine falls?


BrettonWoods 8

There have been those who think that the current world monetary system and Bretton Woods was achieved only because WWII wiped out the world economy — except the United States’. This is not an opportunity to Build Back Better in the wake of WWIII, which would be far more devastating. The Atomic Bomb over Japan brought an end to the war. But this time, those weapons are standard – not unique to one side.

A number of emails have come in asking, “Who will benefit?” It seems that this is a desperate idea to redesign the world economy at a tremendous expense.