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Iran & World War III

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World War III

Thanks to provocative moves by Iran, President Biden is facing an increasingly uncertain situation when it comes to Iran, which has been America’s nemesis since the 1970s when they called the US the Great Satin. They have been pushing much of the Middle East’s instability for decades. The military in the last days of Trump dispatched B-52 bombers to the Persian Gulf in response to an alleged Iranian attack plan and reversed an order to bring home the USS Nimitz, the only US aircraft carrier in the region.

Iran has not only announced that it had resumed advanced uranium enrichment in violation of the 2015 nuclear deal, but they also seized a South Korean-flagged oil tanker and its crew. These actions coming just two weeks before President Biden’s inauguration seems to be playing out the reverse strategy of 1980. Back then, they held the American hostages captured from the embassy under Jimmy Carter and they suddenly released everyone when Ronald Reagan took office. This time it was Trump who was anti-war so the tensions rose now with Biden.

This time Iran has covert support of China and Russia and it may be simply a proxy to unleash war in the Middle East, which the US defense industry will certainly welcome after the four years of austerity under Trump.