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Iran and Belarus Ramp Up Drone Production

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Russia has compared the recent attack on Moscow’s financial district to 9/11 due to the civilian casualties. Both Ukraine and Russia have experienced mass civilian casualties due to drones supplied by both sides. China has come out to say it will limit drone production entirely. “The risk of some high specification and high-performance civilian unmanned aerial vehicles being converted to military use is constantly increasing,” the CCP stated. Meanwhile, Iran plans to build a drone factory in Belarus on behalf of Russia.

The Neocon center, the Institute for the Study of War (ISW), first leaked plans for the project on August 1. “Iran is pursuing the construction of drone factories in Belarus and Russia, which will help Russia acquire Iranian drones more readily and provide Iran with numerous economic and military benefits,” the ISW stated. They state that authorities are looking to convert factories in Gomel, Belarus, into drone production facilities. They say it will alleviate the “logistical problems” of transporting drones from Iran directly. With Iran’s inflation sitting at 47.5%, the country is in dire need of economic support.

None of this is good news. Drone strikes against civilians will occur, as they always do. Both nations feel they are on the defense. Zelensky made it clear that peace was never an option. How could anyone “win” the war? It has now become a technology test to see how many people each side can massacre.