India Journalist States This is a War of the West’s Creation

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It is so refreshing to listen to a REAL journalist for once – something was seriously forgotten in America and Europe. Arnab Goswami is an Indian news anchor and journalist, who is the managing director and editor-in-chief of Republic Media Network. He is calling this as it is – a Western creation of WAR against Russia for political purposes. The US and Britain are telling India to join their fight against Russia, which will be to their own demise.

Meanwhile, Poland is putting itself in the line of fire jeopardizing its population inviting Russia to attack it as a ploy to bring in NATO. The Polish authorities announced their readiness to transfer MIG-29 aircraft to the Rammstein base and asked the US to provide “used aircraft with similar operational capabilities”. Poland said ready to immediately agree on the terms of the purchase of these machines. This would put Poland in the direct line of fire just as the Lusitania was used to get the US into WWI.

Unfortunately, governments look upon us as worker bees. They could care less about us and we are so stupid we really think governments are there to protect us when it is always them against us.  Just read Thomas Paine’s opening paragraph. Nothing has changed since 1776. They are trying to wage an all-out war against Russia and are mustering forces but the only defense will then be nuclear.