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Hong Kong – The Matchstick to War?

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Hong Kong Skyline

Hong Kong Protest PoliceThe US-China tensions over Hong Kong are boiling over. The US government is reportedly considering imposing sanctions on Chinese firms and officials over China’s new national security laws for Hong Kong, which have already re-ignited anti-Beijing protests in the city.

The UK government has also raised concerns over Chinese state TV reporting on the new measures, and Hong Kong residents seeking to circumvent the “great firewall” are downloading privacy-protecting VPNs at a record pace. Meanwhile, China’s President Xi Jinping is calling on the country to prepare for military conflict.

The primary deterrent to war is ECONOMICS. This coronavirus scam has crashed the global economy. With the prospect of reduced trade, recession in China will escalate and this will only create anti-West feelings and will further the trend toward war.

Economy Dying

Hong Kong’s greatest security was economics. Now that the coronavirus is being used to kill the economy to further climate change and socialism, we are cascading faster and faster into a very dark future that we will all need to address.