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Hamas Hides Behind Civilians

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Anyone inciting more violence does not understand that the civilians are trapped. Hamas continually hides behind civilians because they are cowards pretending to be men who attack vulnerable children and women on BOTH sides. The Palestinian Health Ministry confirmed this fact shortly after the group overtook Gaza and portions of the West Bank. The Palestinian Authority reported then that Hamas militias were using civilian hospitals as their military bases. “The Ministry of Health, along with all the Palestinian people, was shocked to discover that Hamas militias have returned to their old ways and have expelled all the medical staff responding to the calls of the homeland (to continue their work.) Unfortunately, these same militias used the medical centers, especially in a number of hospitals, converting them into centers for interrogation, torture, and imprisonment,” Palestine stated in 2009. Palestine begged Hamas to “act responsibly” and leave these medical centers, but Hamas is more powerful than the actual government.

“Why Hamas stores its weapons inside hospitals, mosques and schools” was published by the Washington Post in 2014. “The many mosques in the Gaza Strip serve not only religious functions, but are also put to military use by Hamas and other terrorist organizations,” the Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center said at the time. “They are used to hide terrorist operatives, store weapons, as sites from which rockets and mortar shells are launched.” This is the same year that our War Cycle turned up and accurately predicted civil unrest and international tensions in both Palestine and Ukraine.

The United Nations also found numerous rockets stored in schools. They have developed an intricate tunnel system that runs between these civilian public areas that double as their military bases. They do this because they are cowards and feel as if the international community will defend them if Israel bombs a hospital, school, or mosque. People with no regard for human life do not have loyalties. Hamas is prepared to watch their own people die, as it has been their plan all along.