Germany Has Declared War on Russia?

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The German Federal Foreign Minister has actually come out and bluntly said: “We are at war with Russia.” I have been warning from the outset that the West has been the aggressor and deliberately did what it could to compel Putin to invade the very same way that Roosevelt did to Japan (1) by imposing an energy embargo (2) seizing all their assets in the USA, and (3) threatening to blockade any attempt to get energy from any other place.

There were senate investigations into this very question that Roosevelt deliberately compelled Japan to attack Pearl Harbor just so he could then enter World War II whereas the people and Congress refused to fight Europe’s war. That view of distrust of FDR was so great, it compelled the US Senate to hold hearings into what did FDR know in advance of the Pearl Harbor attack.

Here we have the same pattern.

  • (1) In 2014 US installs an interim government in Ukraine which is unelected and immediately sends troops to attack the Donbas for wanting to separate from Ukraine after its own revolution
  • (2) West engages in the Minsk Agreement whereby Merkel has come out and acknowledged it was in bad faith and intended only to allow Ukraine to build its army while making a fool out of Putin for trusting the West
  • (3) Zelensky is elected promising to end corruption and the civil war with Russia
  • (4) VP Kamila Harris at Munich Security Conference tells Ukraine they should join NATO
  • (5) On February 23rd, 2022, Zelensky announces that Ukraine should rearm itself with nuclear weapons

February 24th, 2022, Putin intervenes to support the Donbas when the West ignores their human rights. If the United States even exists after World War III which they are promoting, then we would no doubt have a similar investigation into the deliberate policies that have rejected any possible peaceful negotiations and promoted war for the total destruction of Russia.

Putin has responded by saying that Germany is still occupied by the United States and it does as it is told. Indeed, all of Europe is totally out of its mind. You cannot push Russia into a corner and resurrect the old Iron Curtain this time from our side. That will NEVER bring peace and stability. Europe is indeed the monkey dancing to the tune of the organ grinder being the American Neocons.

Running our war models, 2023 was the start and January was the target. I wish these forecasts were wrong. If Europe is going to even survive beyond 2027, it had better wake the hell up. The EU itself may not exist beyond 2024 as people begin to see that their entire future has been eradicated by the EU and NATO.

World Peace is attainable if we just look at Rome. After conquering various states, what kept them together? It was economics. Once everyone shared a common market, then the people benefited by manufacturing products and selling them to everyone else in the empire. We have taken the opposite approach adopting the theories of Karl Marx worrying about local jobs. It does not pay for the people to impose trade barriers so someone can grow a head of lettuce in the desert and sell it for $25. If another nation can produce a product at half the cost, that is not saving a local job, it is exploiting everyone else in the economy to pay higher prices for something that could be obtained far less. It REDUCES the standard of living for the whole – it does not advance society.

When people in Russia and China are linked economically with the consumers in America, then the governments are LESS LIKELY to push for war when that will undermine their people and their economic power. Blowing everyone else up seems to be fun for politicians. Like King Louis XIV, our politicians may also lament on their deathbeds.

Rome has shown us the way to peace. We ignore the lessons from history at our own peril.