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Former KGB Informant: Political Prostitutes are Useful Idiots

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Yuri Bezmenov, former USSR KGB informant who defected to Canada, explains how rhetoric can destabilize the Western economy with Marxist ideology. It only takes four steps to destroy society: demoralization, destabilization, crisis, and normalization.

1.) Demoralization – This typically occurs in the span of 15-20 years as it takes time to re-educate the youth to believe in values contrary to tradition.

2.) Destabilization – Once a generation has been demoralized, it takes another 2-5 years to destabilize a nation’s economy, foreign relations, and defense system. Hunt out the sympathizers and introduce the welfare state to make the people reliant on the government.

3.) Crisis – This stage only takes six months as the results are rapid. Create a crisis, introduce war, fear, and terror. Cause the people to look toward the government for comfort amid desperation.

4.) Normalization – The powers granted to the government are now a normal part of life. Liberties have been surrendered to the government to solve the problem that the government created. Dissidents are seen as a disposable threat, and the world is expected to accept the new way of life as normal.

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