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Egypt Offers Hamas a Peace Deal

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Ben Gurion Canal Project R

Egypt has attempted to remain neutral amid the Israel-Palestine war. The nation was one of the first in the region to secure its own border and deny refugees. But now Egypt is requesting an end to the death and destruction and has proposed a truce to Hamas.

Nations historically rarely accept peace deals offered by a foreign state until they’re completely decimated by war. In the case of Hamas, they are jihadi soldiers who will never surrender their holy war. Egypt requested that Hamas step aside and allow the Palestinian people to elect a new parliament. In return, Israeli forces would leave Palestine and commit to a permanent ceasefire.

Now, Israel NEVER agreed to this deal. Netanyahu, sounding like Nikki Haley, said, “We finish them. No less than that.” Hamas flat out rejected the deal as well, but said they would be open to negotiating with the lives of the 100 Israelis they are holding captive. Hamas would never permit a free election – it simply would not happen.

Egypt has every reason to fear an Israeli victory. Russia has been investing heavily in Egypt since 2014, and is currently pouring $4.6 billion into Egypt’s Suez Canal zone to create “Sun City,” an industrial zone covering 2,000 hectares. Russia poured $7 billion into Egypt in 2021 to create the Russian Industrial Zone (RIZ), the nation’s first industrial zone outside of Russia. Egypt is Russia’s stronghold in North Africa. Egypt has managed to maintain diplomacy with the West despite its close alliance with Russia.

Israel Its Future

The Ben Gurion Canal Project will take place after Israel declares victory. I explained this in depth in the report “Israel & Its Future,” which was provided to WEC attendees. Egypt has a grip on nautical trade, as about 20% of all world trade moves through the Suez Canal. The Ben Gurion Canal would start by the port city of Eilat in Israel through the Gulf of Aqaba, crossing the Jordanian border and flowing through the Arabah Valley before entering the Dead Sea before heading north around the Gaza Strip. The West would no longer need to maintain diplomatic relations with Egypt as trade would be redirected to this new canal.

Egypt likely expected Hamas to reject the peace deal but extended the olive branch to maintain its neutral posture.