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Drafting Males & Females for the Neocon’s War to Conquer Russia

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Involuntary Draft for Males and Females Ages 18-26



The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for the fiscal year 2025, authorized a Mandatory Military Selective Service Act for American women. The selective service program is a way to implement a military draft for women in the USA. There have been some lawmakers who oppose this measure.  Some key highlights in the NDAA are included at this link.


In this confusing world we live in, it does not mean if you are a male and identify yourself as “woman” or use various gender pronoun you are exempt from the draft. There are mechanisms put in place now to draft both men and women from evading from the military draft. Although, it is not clear at this time if a woke young adult, self-identifies as a rainbow gnome, rainbow unicorn, a cat, a dog, or any other woke identity, as of now, nothing was found in the NDAA requiring a mandatory military service for them.


Rainbow Air Force

The mandatory draft put in place for women will be debated and voted on by the full Senate at some time in the near future. This topic comes on the heels of The US House Armed Service Committee hearing on May 22, 2024, approving young men are now automatically registered for the Selective Service System. In this hearing, Ms. Houlahan’s voiced concerns of the steady decline in young men proactively registering for the U.S. military; even though, the US government have been spending millions and millions of dollars on tax payer’s money to campaign heavily in high schools and universities across the United States. The government’s data driven information, such as, social security, college FASFA forms, and BMV’s records all have shown steady decline in young men’s desire to enroll in the US military voluntarily.

Ms. Houlahan continues with her argument, stating in order to cut out the red tape in government wasteful spending, this amendment would allow automatic enrollment of young men from the age of 18-26 years old to be registered for the military involuntarily. This weak argument was presented in a way to make the government offices more efficient and to decrease the financial burden to the American taxpayers.

In the grand scheme of things, in order to save money for the US taxpayers, the more logical step would be to stop funding money and equipment to Ukraine, protect U.S. borders, improve election integrity, plan a strategy for the immigrant crisis, tighten government spending, and stop the nonsense of glamorizing this woke movement. Most Americans do not want war, and why are we sending innocent young men and women to fight a war they do not understand nor want?

We should not forget the past failure of the mandatory covid vaccine across all military disciplines. Additionally, there has been an outcry from over 17,000 military service members who balked at taking the COVID-19 shot. The backlash they received from being ridiculed, punished or being dishonorably discharged from the military was a common theme a few years ago. Therefore, amidst the NDAA placing a mandatory draft for both men and women, the US government needs to focus on the why, we as a nation, have a shortage of young men volunteering their service to defend our country.

To this day, there are numerous ongoing lawsuits from the mandatory covid shots. The U.S. Defense Department, has been ordered to pay millions of dollars in settlement who have been challenged for its mandatory requirement of U.S. troops to be vaccinated against the Covid 19. This topic alone and, the declining confidence in our national security, Joe Biden’s obvious mental slippage all have contributed to the decreased voluntary recruiting of our young men and women  to join and register for the US military.