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Does Trump Want to Damage Ukraine?

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The media is very calculated with how it spins stories to shape the public perception. Donald Trump has said that his first piece of legislation, if elected, would entail ending the war in Ukraine immediately. One would think people would cheer for the end of a war that has claimed thousands of lives. Instead, the media is painting Trump as a former Soviet communist in disguise who wants Ukraine to lose the war.

The Atlantic published a propaganda piece entitled, “Why Is Trump Trying to Make Ukraine Lose?” The article goes on to say that Republicans are flying to Mar-A-Lago to take instructions from the former president before implementing policies that block aid to Ukraine. The author states that Trump is hell-bent on “damaging Ukraine” without a clear motive.

“In the week that the border compromise failed, I happened to meet a senior European Union official visiting Washington. He asked me if congressional Republicans realized that a Russian victory in Ukraine would discredit the United States, weaken American alliances in Europe and Asia, embolden China, encourage Iran, and increase the likelihood of invasions of South Korea or Taiwan. Don’t they realize? Yes, I told him, they realize.”

The author goes on to say that the collective of the European Union, 27 countries and counting, donate more to Ukraine than America. This is false, especially when looking at America’s backing of NATO.

The article speculates widely on Trump’s anti-Ukraine motives, with fantastical theories from wanting a piece of Russia’s lucrative oil market to damaging what remains of Joe Biden’s reputation. Liz Cheney receives praise for understanding the severity of the situation in Ukraine and promoting the anti-Russian ideology of her father. This is one of countless articles condemning anyone who believes the war in Ukraine is unjust and believes domestic policies should outweigh foreign interests.


Trump is described as an “isolationist,” which to the left means not adhering to the globalist ideology of sacrificing one’s own nation under the premise of a centralized, one-world ruling power. It would be more appropriate to describe Trump as a nationalist who ensures his own nation is strong before offering help to others. You cannot pour out of an empty cup.

We saw groundbreaking diplomatic relations under Trump. He was the first US president to cross the DMZ zone into North Korea, he maintained peaceful relations with Putin, and although he had quarrels over trade with China, the CCP respected him as the leader of the free world. We experienced four years of peace.

Stretching America’s resources thin does not embolden our enemies. This was never our war. The US would not be “discredited” for backing away from an endless war and focusing on its own borders, a topic never discussed by far-left Democrats. Money is power, and sending blank checks to Ukraine further deepens America’s national debt, which continues to make record highs.

There were no discussions of war under Trump’s presidency. Trump does not have a grudge against Ukraine nor does he want to see it fall. His entire campaign is to “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN” by redirecting the nation’s resources back to America. Desiring a strong America is now seen as problematic by a portion of the population who does not understand the severity of fanning the flames of war.

The Ukrainian people have nothing to gain in this senseless war. Tens of thousands of soldiers are dead, with the replenishment rate so high that Zelensky has resorted to conscripting 16-year-old boys. Zelensky ordered soldiers to their deaths, all to pretend he was winning for fear that the money would stop flowing. I received a lot of backlash for declaring that Ukraine cannot win this war. A Ukrainian victory was never the objective for the neocons like Liz Cheney. It does not matter how much money we send to Ukraine, as the outcome will not change. All we can do is decide how many more people must die fighting an impossible war before the vultures swoop in to claim what remains.