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Does Russia Want Alaska Back?

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President Vladimir Putin signed a new decree that will enable Russia to search, register, and provide legal protection to Russian assets and land abroad, including those located in the former USSR. Now, every article you search regarding this topic quotes the Institute for the Study of War (ISW), run and paid for by the neocons. They admit the “exact parented of what constitutes current or historical Russian property are unclear,” but every news agency is declaring that Russia will reclaim Alaska.

Russia sold Alaska to the United States in 1867. “By the way, Alaska was sold sometime in the 19th century. Louisiana was sold to the United States by the French at about the same time. Thousands of square kilometers were sold for $7.2 million, although in gold,” Putin said in a 2014 interview. He called the deal “inexpensive” and nothing to “get worked up about” while saying that Russians jokingly call the US state “Ice Crimea.” Other Russian politicians have threatened to reclaim old territories, but they are not in charge.

Yeltsin Tank

The people behind Putin have been loudly discussing reclaiming Alaska for decades. This is why I repeatedly state that people should worry about who comes to power after Putin. If he were to step aside for medical reasons or face assassination, there are war-hungry oligarchs and hardliner Communists chomping at the bit for the chance to seek retribution. Yeltsin handed Russia to Putin with an agreement to keep it safe from these very people, the enemy within.

I have posted the decree in English at the top of this article, a rough translation at least. Nowhere in this decree does Putin state that the sale of Alaska was illegal. Will they consider the possibility? Maybe if they gain the full, unwavering support of the Chinese military AND Putin is removed from office. Putin is calculated and would never declare a US state Russian territory as nuclear war would be the only outcome.

Alaska has been a state longer than the current Russian Federation has existed. Alaska is only 50 miles from Russia, which may be the reason that they are issuing this vague decree. But at the present moment, RUSSIA IS NOT ATTEMPTING TO RECLAIM ALASKA.