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Did the US Try to Trick China into Invading Taiwan?

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Chinese President Xi Jinping believes that that the United States made an attempt to provoke him into invading Taiwan. Xi is attempting to explain to the world that the Neocons in the West have become the aggressors. He said he will not take the bait, for now, but the West continues to instigate global warfare.

China could not make it any clearer that they will not be deterred from the One China policy on Taiwan. “If anyone expects China to compromise and concede on the Taiwan question, they are having a pope dream and would shoot themselves in the foot,” Xi said last April while meeting with European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen. A new report says that the media did not feature this quote in the final press release.

Reports state that China is shocked by America’s sudden brazenly bold support for Taiwan. The United States was not invested in Taiwan previously, but now they are sending Taiwan aid packages and conducting joint military exercises. The US sent a delegate to meet with a top Taiwanese official last month after a recent military drill. This April, Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi warned US Secretary of State Antony Blinken that China would not tolerate anyone crossing its “red lines” regarding the One China policy as it would be seen as an attack on Chinese security and sovereignty.

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China is lightly warning the United States to stop meddling in Taiwan. There was never an interest in supporting the nation before the Neocons began manufacturing the next world war. President Joe Biden openly said that America supports Taiwan’s independence. Xi warned Biden at a summit in December 2023 that Beijing planned to reunify mainland China with Taiwan in a peaceful manner and not by force.

The Neocons jumped on Xi’s comments. “This story as reported is beyond unnerving,” Neocon Lindsey Graham said. “I will be working with Democratic and Republican Senators to do two things quickly. First, create a robust defense supplemental for Taiwan and second, draft pre-invasion sanctions from hell to impose on China if they take action to seize Taiwan.”

China had no desire to go to war with Taiwan or forcefully invade. The West is not the global police or authority and does not have the right to dictate the policies of foreign nations. China also has no desire to go to war with the US or anyone for that matter. The nation has been focused on building up its economy and expanding. Xi has warned the public that if China acts, it won’t be out of spite. China feels it has been backed into a corner by Western powers and soon will be forced to fight.