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Did Incompetence Set in Motion The Ukrainian Crisis?

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Zelensky Schultz

There is something very serious taking place here. Ironically, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz seems to be the ONLY world leader to speak the truth that Ukraine’s President Zelensky will NOT engulf the world into a world war by dragging in NATO. The Epoch Times reported:

“I also made it clear in Moscow and in my visit that this option [Ukraine’s membership of NATO] is not on the table and will not take place,” he said during an interview with German public broadcaster ZDF.

“I said publicly that we all know that Ukraine’s NATO membership is not on the alliance’s agenda today,” he added. “That was understood by the American president, that [was] also understood by the French president.”

Scholz said he shares Russian President Vladimir Putin’s security concern and clarified to Putin that Ukraine will not be allowed to join NATO.

“The Russians were worried about the control issue of their security. [Putin was worried] that NATO has a military setup and rockets in Ukraine targeting Russian territory. That is why we tried to make it clear that this will not occur,” he elaborated.

Ukraine ECM

Blinken AnthonyI have warned that our Model of Ukraine was turning down as of January 6th, 2022. However, in addition to this, we are approaching also the 31.4-year (Pi Cycle) which will be on April 26, 2023. This will be a very critical period looking ahead. I believe that this entire event was set in motion either intentionally or by sheer incompetence. Sending Kamila Harris to the Munich Security Conference on February 20th where she told Ukraine that they should join NATO was a violation of the Budapest Agreement. As I mentioned, Henry Kissinger said back in the Washington Post on March 14, 2014, when Russia took back Crimea – “The demonization of Vladimir Putin is not a policy. It is an alibi for not having one.”

Then we have Secretary of State Anthony Blinken claiming he has confidence that Ukraine can defeat Russia. I really do not know what planet he is on. That would be such a devasting blow to Russia that Putin would turn to nuclear weapons. Besides that, he seems oblivious to the alliances that are forming before our eyes. China just entered into a new “friendly ” agreement with North Korea and to celebrate that they conducted another missile test which used to be very upsetting.

Budapest Agreement 1991The Budapest Agreement required Ukraine to eliminate the strategic missiles, missile silos, and bombers on its territory and transfer the 1,900 nuclear warheads to Russia for disassembly. Ukraine was the third-largest nuclear power in the world. They had more nuclear weapons than China. In return, Ukrainians gained guarantees that the United States and Russia, joined by Britain, would provide security assurances. The Budapest Agreement committed Washington, Moscow, and London, among other things, to “respect the independence and sovereignty and existing borders of Ukraine” and to “refrain from the threat or use of force” against that country.

Belarus also agreed to surrender all nuclear weapons as part of this agreement, but it had only mobile missile launchers at the time. Kazakhstan was the third member of the Agreement and chose to return the nuclear warheads and missiles to Russia.  Ukraine was reluctant and wanted to keep some of the nuclear weapons. There was a side agreement between the Ukrainian and Russian governments whereby giving up Ukrainian claims to the nuclear weapons and the Black Sea Fleet were surrendered on the basis that Russia gave $2.5 billion in gas and oil debt cancellation and future supplies of fuel for its nuclear power stations. Ukraine did not want a commitment to transfer all warheads by June 1st, 1996 to be made public for local political purposes while Russia did not want the financial compensation for uranium made the public concerned that Belarus and Kazakhstan would also demand free fuel.

Despite Blinken’s absurd statement that he thinks Ukraine can defeat Russia without any sense of such repercussions, this statement appears to be using Ukrainians as pawns in an intended war against Russia that will only bring in China and the rest of their alliance. Belarus is already looking to add back nuclear weapons because proposing Ukraine joins NATO is tearing up the Budapest Agreement putting in jeopardy their security. Ukraine cannot defeat Russia – let’s make this very clear and Blinken’s statement appears to be a provocation for war. This is a losing battle that will turn nuclear if Russia were really to lose. It appears that this may be more about Climate Change and the agenda from the WEF that to conquer the world with Schwab’s economic theories, there were three obstacles – (1) Trump, (2) Russia, and (3) China. Trump was removed and some fear this is an attempt to overthrow Putin and then they will turn on China.

This raises the question about another seemly incompetent statement made by Harris at the Munich Security Conference that Ukraine should join NATO which would indeed justify Putin’s invasion and send Belarus back into nuclear defense. Was this statement just another gaff from Harris who has obviously no skills in international matters? Why was she sent instead of Blinken? Was this deliberate to give Ukraine false hope encouraging them to fight to the last man?

Something is not right. The solution was simple. Allow Donbas to have a democratic vote which could have been monitored over their separatist movement since 2014 that nobody wants to talk about, and Ukraine drop its claim to Crimea which historically always was Russian – not Ukrainian. The Ukrainian people are dying for what? To keep Donbas and Crimea which are occupied by a Russian population?

Something is just rotten. Some think Zelensky is being bribed by oil companies to try to get back Crimea where there is a huge gas reserve that would then replace Russia as the energy supplier to Europe. Others think Zelensky is just a puppet of the World Economic Forum to push their agenda upon the world in hopes of defeating Russia. The truth always surfaces but many Ukrainians do not support Zelensky.