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Deep State Preparing for War?

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China US Trade War

There appears to be a Deep State move to create a new Iron Curtain to ban China from the world economy unless they comply with the New Green Deal. Reliable sources are warning that a Democratic victory will witness the raising of this new Iron Curtain to force China to its knees. The US is already planning to purge Chinese tech companies fully from America’s internet. The potential of Trump receiving bogus info in preparation for this real agenda is highly likely. They have been using Trump’s trade issues with China to exploit this agenda.

We have already witnessed green lobbying on fund managers to sell Chinese investments.  There have also been requests for colleges and universities to divest from Chinese holdings as well. There have been hints made that there will be more onerous measures coming in the near future.

The Chinese leadership has been discussing the possibility of war with the United States in the future. Our sources are warning that there are people in the US government who are moving as if Trump has already lost. It certainly appears that war is becoming more likely, and this is really about the climate change agenda to force China to comply.