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Civilian Always Die in War – War is Hell

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COMMENT: You overlook all the civilians being killed in Ukraine and in Palestine.


ANSWER: As they say, history is written by the victor. I do not know what planet you are from, but I have said MANY times that typically, an equal amount or more civilians die in war than soldiers. It does not matter what war you want to talk about. How many millions of Vietnamese died? How many Iraqis died to get one man? The American Civil War using census data, the demographic historian Dr. J. David Hacker published “A Census-Based Count of Civil War Dead” in the scholarly quarterly Civil War History, reported a more accurate estimate of Civil War deaths is about 750,000, with as many as 850,000 dead. This is based on the census data – not death on the battlefield. The civilian deaths were most likely in the neighborhood of 200,000+ dead.

Hiroshima Nagasaki 1945

Civilians ALWAYS die in war. It is estimated that over 200,000 died in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Starting a war with Russia will result in countless civilian deaths and the destruction of most of the monuments of Europe. All of this for what?


Dresden Feb 1945

The Dresden Massacre – February 1945

I am sure you have never heard of the Dresden Massacre carried out by the Allies that killed an estimated 250,000 German civilians. Japan overshadowed Dresden in August 1945. Some accounts claimed 500,000 civilians died in Dresden. About 600,000 refugees from the had hidden in Dresen, joining an estimated 600,000 inhabitants. After the waves of bombers had passed in the night, they dropped phosphorus bombs on Dresden, which burned people alive.

Then, in daylight, low-flying aircraft mowed down visible survivors running in the streets. The Western press did not report the civilian massacre, just that 8,000 aircraft flew to destroy Dresden with 3,000 bombers. The phosphorus bombs were dropped on Dresden without any regard for civilians since they were Germans who deserved death for being born German. It was akin to the dropping of Napalm (liquid fire) on Vietnam, burning civilians alive then as well.

During the American Civil War, General Sherman told his Troops at Vicksburg – War is hell.