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China v Gates – Spinning the Conspiracies

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There are two schools of thought running around. One blames China for experimenting with Bat Viruses and insist that this was not intentional, but a leak from the Wuhan Lab because of a lack of security. There are some who want to file lawsuits against China in the USA, Britain, and India for damages. Xi complimented the Gates Foundation’s early efforts in the global cause of fighting against the virus and said he was grateful for a letter from Gates expressing support for the Chinese people. But does all of this really provide any proof to allegations, or are we dealing with speculation?

The arguments to blame China because they have a biological weapons program only leads to war. The USA has similar labs but the security is better known as the Pentagon’s Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA). ABC News reported that there was a Pentagon report from November 2019 claiming there would be a pandemic, but the Pentagon has responded there is no such report. This begs the question, will China publish a list of all visitors to the Wuhan Lab?

As I have said, if this was a biological weapon it was a dud since the kill ratio is 10% of that of the normal annual flu. That does not rule out that this was still a human-created virus for experimentations that just leaked out. There has been too much research published by Chinese scientists on experimenting with coronaviruses from bats to make this a deliberate attack by China. If it was an intended biological weapon, you do not publish reports on such experiments since 2010. An incompetent leak remains far more probable and that would even explain why the government would try to cover-up such a mistake. That is more plausible for if it was a deliberate attack, then you do not publish the research years in advance.

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For this conspiracy to presume that China knew it would undermine the Western economies is virtually assuming they also have clairvoyance. It also does not account for the exaggerated manner in which the virus has been used to destroy Western economies. You would then have to make up a conspiracy theory that Gates was in bed with China. That does not seem likely. Could China have anticipated how crazy the West has responded that threatens to crash the economy faster than the Great Depression from which there will be no recovery for at least 3 to 6 years? The only other possible explanation is that China conspired with the Western socialists to transform the West into a manage-superficial-democracy. That does not seem to be a plot worthy of even James Bond. Sometimes there is no complete plot, just reaction followed by counter-reaction.

There may have been a leak from China which was a mistake, but it has been a deliberate seizure of this virus to further agendas by both the Gates Foundation and left-wing politicians. When Hydroxychloroquine has been used with 100% success in France, we had Gates and Fauci saying no – we need a vaccine. That was clearly the Gates agenda so were people supposed to die because Fauci claimed he wanted a long-term study?

I know for an absolute fact that some elites knew in January about this virus and sold all stocks and bonds before it exploded. That does not fit the pure scenario. Was there advance knowledge and was there a deliberate use of this crisis to remove civil liberties ahead of a pending economic collapse due to negative interest rates and the inability of Europe to recover?  ECB would have no options to help Italy. It requires authoritarianism to suspend all the austerity provisions. Australia was in a similar situation and has also overreacted. In Australia, this has led to people raiding their retirement funds to survive. This virus has even been used as an excuse to stop shipments of gold from South Africa. The Socialistic New Zealand has crushed its economy in the name of this virus. In Britain, they began the UK’s weekly nationwide applause for NHS workers which is a clever diversion from investigating the motives going on behind the curtain. In the USA, the Democrats blocked relief for small businesses that employ 70% of the workforce ensuring that business failures will rise exponentially. Nobody asks why? Meanwhile, panic buying of food in China has been reported. France is facing a massive wave of bankruptcies of small businesses because of this lockdown. The permanent damage is off the charts!

Meanwhile, locking people down will only prolong the curve, not flatten it. Testing in Chicago has revealed that between 30% and 50% of the population already have COVID-19 Antibodies. This confirms it is not as serious as it has been made out to be. So why is this being used to collapse the economy? Who stands to gain from this?

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From the beginning, I have found that something was very strange about this event. The response was excessive and the man who made that recommendation at Imperial College is still quoted as some expert by the BBC in London and nobody dares to interrogate him and his links to the Gate’s Foundation. This response to shut down the economy was absolutely uncalled for. The destruction to the economy and even to the food supply is far more dangerous than the virus and will seriously hurt many more people and the future.

The cure has been far worse than the disease. While in Britain they are cheering they must support the NHS, in the USA the press is using it to overthrow Trump, while in Canada Trudeau has tried to use it to eliminate democracy. Only by the summer will the full economic damage to people’s lives begin to turn to civil unrest as people realize this will NEVER get back to normal for years. Could China have anticipated all this insanity? This is bringing to an end China’s economy based on selling to the West. This virus is wiping out its client-base.

Many assume that the Chinese won’t co-operate with the international community about confirming the origins of patient ZERO because the CCP has attacked the US blaming it for the virus. This virus has weakened the West and we have China beginning movements in the South China Sea and Russia testing US Air Space in Alaska. Do they smell blood? Russia could take Europe for they are defenseless. The USA is too occupied with this virus to come to the air of Europe. Those days are gone.
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By blaming China, we risk raising the tensions for war as is the case of China blaming the United States. With the economy turning down because of our own exaggerated response orchestrated by the Gates Foundation, China and Russia are given the incentive for war as they smell blood in the water with the economy turning down. This creates a situation that is becoming more dangerous as there is a real push against China in some circles that still calls them Communist which does not reflect their economy.
China on the Rise
China is certainly preparing to be a leader on the world stage. Socrates shows that they will emerge as the financial capital of the world BECAUSE we are insanely pursuing socialism and this virus has tipped the scale to shift the economic power to China. The destruction of the US economy has been the WORST possible thing we could have ever done by shutting everything down for a virus that is far less deadly than the annual flu. Whenever the world goes into an economic collapse, that is when war takes place.
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The question will come down to historians was this a deliberate attack, or was it a leak which was exacerbated by the corruption behind the curtain of the Gates Foundation controlling every aspect of world health and politicians eager to use it because socialism was collapsing? This certainly seems to be very convenient for many people, not just China.
2020 1stQ Civil Unrest
We saw civil unrest rise sharply in 2019 especially in Europe as the economy has been turning down and 12 years of Quantitative Easing by the European Central Bank has devastated the economy. Our models are updated to the end of March 2020 and you can see we have exceeded the annual highs already back to 1997 here in 2020 with just the first quarter. The civil unrest has been rising since the low in 2018. That was a 27-year decline from the peak on our models back in 1991.