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Can we All Get Along?

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COMMENT: Mr Armstrong,
THANK YOU  VERY MUCH !!!  for telling your readers of the true nature of the Hamas; God bless you for telling the truth.
Millions of the impoverished people of Gaza live in fear of these thugs.
History shows Jews, Arabs, and Christians CAN, yes, CAN live together in peace, and it is the politicians or extremist groups, inhuman groups like Hamas, that kindle the fire of hatred.

Human beings can be both strong and weak at the same time. When they fall into the trap of hatred, it is very difficult to get out of it; see what happened in Northern Ireland for many years.
No one in Israel gets up in the morning wishing to ‘take care’ of the Palestinians; they can take care of themselves if only their leaders will not rob them blind and stuff their brains with poisonous ideology.

George Soros: This creature that looks to have a human shape is not a human being at all; it is one of the most despicable creatures on the planet Earth.
God delays taking him back, I guess, because even God will be annoyed to have him around up there!

Wishing you always the best,


REPLY: I have been throughout the region. I have driven through the West Bank and spoken to both Israelis and Palestinians. I have explored the entire area and even took the first flight between Israel and Egypt when relations began. The common people get along. This documentary, The Heart of Jenin, is a 2008 documentary film written and directed by Marcus Vetter and Leon Geller. This film is important to watch for it reveals the story of Ismael Khatib from Jenin, a Palestinian whose son was shot by Israeli soldiers by mistake because he had a toy gun.

Instead of seeking revenge, he donated his son’s organs to Israeli children. In April 2010, The Heart of Jenin won the German Film Award for Best Documentary Film. What this film shows is the common people – not the political hatred of extremists who live for violence no different than our American Neocons who love war and have no problem sacrificing your children for their political agendas. When Field Marshall Goring was put on trial at Nuremberg, he explained something that is so true, but it is never discussed in school and certainly never by mainstream press, which has become the cheerleader for World War III.

Goring Herman on War


Goring was absolutely correct. Those in charge love war and manipulate the people for their own objectives. Hamas wants Israel to kill Palestinian civilians for their own agenda. Suffice it to say I also have a source who knew those directing young Arabs to do suicide bombings. As the source told me, those people would NEVER kill themselves – they always preach others to do that for their agenda.


Our CI wanted to kill American civilians so they could blame it on Cuba to justify invading the island. President Kennedy said no way. That is why the CIA refuses to release all the Kennedy documents because most people believe they took out Kennedy.



I believe the entire Watergate Affair was set up by the CIA because Nixon knew the CIA had assassinated Kennedy. The Watergate scandal involved the five men caught on June 17, 1972, burglarizing the Democratic National Committee’s headquarters in the Watergate complex. Their two handlers were E. Howard Hunt of the CIA and G. Gordon Liddy of the FBI. They were Nixon campaign aides. Nixon wanted to end Vietnam and he knew the CIA was behind the Kennedy Assassination because they wanted war and BELIEVED that Russia was involved.



9 year old Phan Thi Kim Phuc Naked Girl

Before the Neocon Robert Macnamara died, he came out and admitted that they were wrong about Vietnam. That was nice, but 58,000 Americans died for that mistake, and untold millions of Vietnamese.


We are always looked down upon as their pawns to be played. If it is Hamas, CIA, or any government body, they will ALWAYS act in their own self-interest, which is NEVER for the benefit of the people. The only solution to war is to throw the warmongers in a closed room and let them fight it out and leave the common people alone.