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Bucha – the False Flag to Cross the Rubicon

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We are crossing the Rubicon but this time it is not to free society from a corrupt Senate, it is the Corrupt Senate determined to create a New World Order by destroying everything familiar about the society we now know. As always, it is difficult to separate truth from sheer hatred that has engulfed the world thanks to Zelensky and our insane President Biden. The DOUBLE STANDARDS are so in-your-face corrupt that it is hard to ignore comparing Vietnam & Ukraine.

A suburban avenue in Bucha became one of the first graveyards in Russia’s attempt to encircle Kyiv in the face of Zelensky’s refusal to negotiate in good faith. The Russian tanks and armored personnel carriers moved through the town of Bucha on their way to the city of Kyiv. The convoy was destroyed in one of the first of many Ukrainian ambushes that stopped the Russian advance. While Zelensky points to civilian casualties, he takes no responsibility for arming civilians and telling them to fight professional Russian soldiers and if they are killed it’s a Russian War Crime.

Biden on Monday called for a war crimes trial against Putin following reports of the mass killing of Ukraine civilians by Russian troops in a suburb of Kyiv. Of course, there is no proof that this is just not another false flag by Zelensky who is determined to destroy the world for make no mistake – this is the end result. It was Zelensky who told the Italian Parliament that Russians were capturing children and torturing them – with no proof of that claim.

Biden yelled: “He‘s a war criminal,” when asked about the reports of Ukraine civilians being slaughtered allegedly by Russian troops in Bucha, which sits northwest of Kyiv, the Ukraine capital. Biden added: “This guy is brutal and what’s happening in Bucha is outrageous and everyone’s seen it.” Biden wants to take the world into World War III where millions will die for his cause of Build-Back-Better. Biden is pushing for war, never peace, with every breath he takes. “I think it’s a war crime,” Biden said. “He should be held accountable.”

You may remember, I got criticized last month for calling Putin a war criminal,” Mr. Biden said. “Well, the truth of the matter is you saw what happened in Bucha. This warrants him — he is a war criminal.”

Biden’s statement has not just resurrected the Cold War, it has divided the world in two, destroyed the world economy, and ensured that the end goal will be the destruction of the world itself as we know it. It is Biden who is the threat to world peace and our National Security.

Johnson_signs_ Gulf_of_Tonkin _resolution

Calling Putin a war criminal is outrageous for you can say Johnson was also a war criminal based on the same criteria if a head of state is responsible for the actions of everyone on the battlefield. Unquestionably, applying the same “Biden Standard” means that President Johnson was also a War Criminal simply because he too authorized the Vietnam War on fake news.


The Mỹ Lai massacre was the mass murder of unarmed South Vietnamese civilians by United States troops in Sơn Tịnh District, South Vietnam, on March 16th, 1968 during the Vietnam War. They were UNARMED and were not ambushing Americans as was the case in Ukraine. Between 347 and 504 unarmed people were killed by U.S. Army soldiers back in 1968.

The difference there was that the Mỹ Lai massacre victims included men, women, children, and infants. Some of the women were gang-raped and their bodies mutilated, as were female girls as young as 12. Twenty-six soldiers were charged with criminal offenses, but only Lieutenant William Calley Jr., a platoon leader in C Company, was convicted. Found guilty of murdering 22 villagers, he was originally given a life sentence but served three-and-a-half years under house arrest and never went to prison. His sentence was then commuted. So much for trying war crimes in the US courts.

Biden wants now the US to invade Russia, capture Putin, and put him on trial in International Criminal Court which the US refuses to join so no American can ever be tried for a war crime. That is right. The United States denies jurisdiction and passed an act that the US may invade the Netherlands to free any American on trial for a war crime. What is good for Putin is not acceptable for an American.

The list is endless for all the war crimes by the United States in Afghanistan, Iraq, Lybia, Syria, and Pakistan, but the US will NEVER allow any American to be tried for a war crime. The American press will not tell the truth about how the US exempts itself from war crime allegations and trials. This has added to the image of the United States is seen as arrogant and hypocritical.

World Peace

Biden’s demands to try Putin as a war criminal is now the final straw. This means there will be NO World Peace. Biden is out to commit American troops brainwashing them that they are fighting for some noble cause of God and country when they are to be slaughtered for the Neocons so they can appear on TV and cheer them on.

Schwab Biden

This is all about destroying our world so Bide and Klaus can BUILD BACK BETTER and achieve their New World Order. You cannot BUILD BACK BETTER until you destroy everything first.

False Flage Event

Was Bucha a FALSE FLAG EVENT? There is little doubt that we will NEVER know the truth because Zelensky and Biden have guaranteed that this will be the battle cry to destroy the world. Zelensky wants all Russians dead in Ukraine and clings to a border that was simply drawn in the Soviet Union which never represented Ukraine as a sovereign nation. Bucha is very convenient – too convenient if you ask me since all we hear from Zelensky is to wage war against Russia and the whole world should die for him. The talk behind the curtain is that Biden will require a digital ID when he implements food rationing as part of our necessary war against Putin. They want more power and need to kill civilians to get Americans to support joining the war.

Point No Return 2

Zelensky’s hatred has now set the world on its course. I warned that he would be the man to create World War III. Our computer targeted Ukraine as the spot where it would begin back in 2013. I wish these things were just my opinion for there would be a 50/50 chance I am wrong. We have crossed the Rubicon – the point of no return. Our model for the Decline and Fall of the United States we published back in 1985 was that it would begin cyclically with the 46th president. Hello – he is here!