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Bolton – A Relic Who Would Create World War III in a Heartbeat

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Bolton John

QUESTION: What do you think of Bolton & his $2 million book deal?


ANSWER: I have zero respect for Bolton and whatever he says I would never trust. Bolton is a HAWK, and his entire clash with Trump was over the fact that he wanted to perpetuate a never-ending war. Yes, he had a long career in and out of Republican administrations in Washington. However, he is a product of the Cold War and has NEVER been able to move beyond 1989.

Perhaps the only thing he ever agreed with Trump on was ending the nuclear accord with Iran. However, he was opposed to pulling troops out of Afghanistan and saw no problem with constantly sending American boys to their death for no real gain to the United States. This was the real clash for he constantly disagreed with bringing troops home and always wanted more. He repeatedly tried to stop Trump from making concessions to the Taliban. He advocated escalating force against the Taliban and wanted to invade Syria. He constantly criticized Trump calling his diplomacy to be folly because he did not want to invade the world.

Bolton outright objected to Trump’s decision to meet North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un, calling it a “foolish mistake.” Even Trump’s meeting with President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia in Helsinki, Bolton called a “self-inflicted wound” and “Putin had to be laughing uproariously at what he had gotten away with in Helsinki.”

I have never seen someone so hell-bent on creating war. He constantly criticized Trump, yet the American people did not want to police the world. So I have to look at Bolton as the lowest possible arrogant person who has no regard for human life and champions old theories that have long since proven invalid.