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Biden’s Gifts Continue to Flow to Hamas

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The $6 billion in aid to Iran provided on the 22nd anniversary of 9/11 was not enough for Joe Biden. Israel Defense Forces (IDF) have stated that Hamas is now using the weapons left behind amid the disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal. The Pentagon has even admitted that $7 billion in military equipment went directly into the hands of the Taliban. Were the weapons deliberately left behind?

This would not be the first time that America has provided its enemies with weapons AND training. The vocal minority who still support Joe Biden claimed he wanted to end the never-ending war in the Middle East. No one understood why the US suddenly pulled out of Afghanistan. Watch the ominous video below. Biden has always been a Neocon. In 2007, a fully mentally competent Joe Biden said he would pull out of Afghanistan as POTUS. “And you leave those billions of dollars of weapons behind I promise they’re going to be used against your grandchild and mine some day,” the Big Guy said while invading a woman’s personal space.

“[T]here is a risk these weapons could be captured if territory changes hands, as can happen in any war,” the Pentagon said regarding aid to Ukraine. The Pentagon routinely “misplaces” military equipment and money totaling trillions of dollars. WAKE UP PEOPLE – the Neocons are funding both sides of the war to burn it down and BUILD BACK BETTER!