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Biden’s Failed Talks with China

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In all honesty, Biden is clearly out of it, and his handlers are only interested in bringing the Great Reset to dominate the world. I believe COVID-19 was deliberately leaked into China because there were far too many sources all saying a “virus is coming” by December 2019.  I believe it was deliberately released in China with the intention that they thought they could force China, out of embarrassment, to join this globalist agenda. That strategy failed, and all the finger-pointing and name-calling branding this as the CCP Virus has unleashed the necessary elements for war.

In China, the Chinese box office is the largest in the world. The new movie, “The Battle at Lake Changjin,” has been the biggest film in the international movie market that has beaten everything put out by Hollywood. It is the subject that is alarming. This portrays war between the United States and China and the United States is defeated. This is very important. Just as the Democrats kept blaming Russia for interfering in the US election, that scenario resulted in 70% of Americans believing Russia was the enemy. This movie portrays America as the enemy who is putting the shoe on the other foot. That same tactic is now pointing the finger at America, and we have Americans blaming China for the virus and China blaming America for planting the virus.

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Biden will NEVER allow an investigation of COVID, and he will protect Fauci at all costs. I continue to believe the release of COVID was deliberate, for all the pieces were in place, and they rolled out the Great Reset in just a couple of weeks. They have taken over the Western world, and it appears that politicians have been bribed to betray their own people.



This plot is not rational. It was hatched only in the mind of an academic who lives in a world of theory. They have actually argued that Marxism would have worked if they had America and Europe as well. This time, they are trying to transform the world in their theoretical Marxist Wonderland.

They have weakened the economies of the West, but instead of convincing China and Russia to join, they will now see their golden opportunity to defeat America and Europe. What fools these mortals be!