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Biden: Putin Will Never Gain the Hearts of the Iranian People

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As the global economy is sinking rapidly, President Biden’s State of the Union address caused most to fear the incompetent leadership at the helm. The president struggled to speak throughout the ordeal, despite being fed lines off a teleprompter, and failed to address most of the issues surrounding the US. The parody site Glorious American even praised Biden for not dying during his speech. Biden called the Ukrainian people Iranians, stating that Putin could never win over the hearts and souls of the proud Iranian people.

It is no secret that Iran and the US have strained relations. Putin could very well win over the Iranian people. Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said that his nation is in favor of ending the way. However, he said the “root cause” of the current conflict is meddling Western nations. “By interfering in Ukraine’s internal affairs, creating color revolutions and toppling one government, and putting another in power, the U.S. dragged Ukraine into this situation,” Ayatollah Khamenei stated. “The U.S. regime is a mafia regime. Political, economic, and all sorts of mafias control their country and bring presidents into power. They create crises in the world to maximize their profits.”

President Ebrahim Raisi was one of the only world leaders to speak to Putin directly after the war commenced. Both men agreed that NATO poses a “serious threat” to their respective nations. Iran is aiming to advance bilateral trade with Russia to at least $10 billion, whereas it now sits at $3.5 billion. The war will undoubtedly bring Iran and Russia closer as both seek to stay afloat without the flow of Western capital.