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Biden and Macron Bow to Zelensky at D-Day Event

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US President Joe Biden met with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to once again discuss America’s role in funding Ukraine’s war with Russia. Biden publicly apologized to Zelensky for delaying the $61 billion aid package, as US Senators have stalled the bill in a failed attempt to coerce Biden to invest in his own country. The entire D-Day memorial was shamefully transformed into a public spectacle to promote the West’s war against Russia.

I apologize for those weeks of not knowing what’s going to happen in terms of funding. Some of our very conservative members [of Congress] were holding it up. But we got it done, finally,” Biden said. “We’re still in. Completely. Thoroughly.” Where is his apology to Americans for recklessly spending to the point of no return on endless wars that he will expect them to die in for an unjust cause? Now America can’t let Russia actually win this war that the West carefully orchestrated. Prolonging the war is dependent upon Western funding.

Zelensky compared the situation with Russia to World War II, ironically, and said the United States and Ukraine must stand “shoulder to shoulder.” Zelensky said it was once again America’s duty to “save Europe.” Biden obliged by committing another $224 million to Ukraine.

President Macron of France was also on board with celebrating a future Ukrainian victory rather than honoring the troops in attendance. “I’m sure that a day will come when Ukraine will see the same jets in our skies that we saw in Normandy skies yesterday,” Zelensky later told French politicians. “Your combat aviation, brilliant fighter jets under Ukrainian pilots’ command will prove that Europe is stronger, stronger than evil which dared to threaten it.”

Romanticizing the idea of another world war on D-Day is one of the most pathetic propaganda techniques yet. I doubt the veterans in attendance would want any young men to endure that suffering on behalf of politicians who do not care about the people they represent. These world leaders are keen on ushering in World War III regardless of the will of the people.