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Belarus Votes to Change Constitution & Deploy Nuclear Weapons

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Alexander Lukashenko

I do not know what to say anymore. Biden is mentally incompetent to lead the world no less the United States. He could not find a lifejacket on a sinking ship. Belarus has now voted to change its constitution and deploy nuclear weapons. China entered a new arrangement with North Korea and they shot off a missile test today.

Some emails have come in saying my posts that we are opening the door to World War III was an exaggeration, I am sorry if my sources are real and I do not engage in hyperbole. This Western Press is so incompetent and it is so up the Democrats’ ass, they will never see what they are doing is fanning the flames of war.

Socrates Cycle_of_War

I am sorry, but our computer is NOT biased. It looks at all the world markets far beyond what any individual could possibly do. It takes all the data on everything from politics, wars, unrests, disease, and it comes out with forecasts that have been spot on. I do not even sell advertising on this site. It is totally free, nobody has to even register to read it, and it is a public service so I have no conflicts of interest in stating the forecasts as they are.

CRUDE Y Array 2 27 22

The year 2023 is off the charts! We even have Panic Cycles in gold. Our Directional Change in Crude Oil picked the change in trend in 2021 and the volatility was to begin this year and it builds into a Panic Cycle Year in 2025.

German Foreign Policy Leaders

I am deeply concerned that we have the worst possible crop of world leaders perhaps in history. They should not even be allowed to hold a pair of scissors and talk at the same time. They are leading the world into very dark days. Even Germany has politically lost its mind. Foreign Secretary Liz Truss of Germany, who is a British politician serving as Foreign Secretary of Germany since 2021 and Minister for Women and Equalities since 2019 with no geopolitical experience whatsoever, told parliament. “They have falsely cast Ukraine as a threat to justify their aggressive stance.” “Russia is the aggressor here.” Making Truss Foreign Secretary simply because she is a woman is nuts. Now they are putting Jennifer Morgan, the head of Greenpeace, as the Secretary of State. These are the people to confront Putin? Even Biden is appoint a black woman to the Supreme Court, not because she is qualified, only because she is black and a woman. The West is insane. People are appointed not for qualification, but for a dog and pony show.

Zelemsky Commedian

In Ukraine, we have a comedian who is handing out AK47s and telling the people to shoot Russian professional soldiers. There are people who are not trained and he is turning them into targets for Russian troops. Worse still, he has asked Turkey to prevent Russian ships from entering the straights. All he is doing is pushing the world to war where he should have resigned and hopped on that plane to the USA. This comedian has no idea what he is unleashing on the world.


Russia Black Sea Straight

Map Turkey Ukraine

Turkish Lira W 2 27 22

While the Western press is cheering Turkey to block all Russian ships and somehow its ships in Syria will be “cut off”, they seem to be ignorant of the magnitude they are cheering for Turkey. Syria is not isolated and Iran will join the fray in a heartbeat. We have a Directional Change this week in the Turkish lira and Panic cycle at the end of March. Be very careful of what you cheer. Sounds great but Russia is not alone. All of this because Zelensky refused to allow Donetsk and the Luhansk People’s Republics, 98% of Russian provinces, to vote on independence. Is this work burning down the entire world?

Biden Cheat Sheets

In just over one year from taking office, Biden has divided our society between vaccinated v unvaccinated, and the entire world West v Russia/China. I have warned that China would side with Russia and they have now brought in North Korea to the Mix and Belarus has changed its constitution to become nuclear.