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Belarus Looking for War with Lithuania

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The embers of war are igniting. Everyone is using the ongoing turmoil as an opportunity to attack their enemies. Belarus and Lithuania are akin to Russia and Ukraine in that the people living there have many genetic and cultural similarities. Lithuania has partnered with the West, joining NATO in 2004, while Belarus has shown loyalty to Russia. The two nations share a 420-mile border (680 km) with six border crossings, but Lithuania implemented “temporary” closures to a number of crossings due to “geopolitical circumstances.”

Russian Wagner Group mercenaries were believed to be on Lithuanian territory this past August, sparking the initial border crossing closures. These temporary closures were never lifted and the Belarus government is now threatening war. Russian troops have already been positioned in Belarus for some time. “Lithuania has effectively banned us from moving our goods across the border. Under all norms of international law, such a step is considered economic aggression,” the Belarusian official said. “From the point of view of basic logic, we have every reason to use the force of arms to break through a corridor that is vital for us.”

The Neocons are shouting ARTICLE 5 as they are simply waiting for someone to make the first move so they do not have to create a false flag event. Belarus likely will not make a move without Russia’s approval, and Putin has been very strategic thus far. The question becomes how far countries can be pushed until someone makes the first move.