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A European Pearl Harbar Event?

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Lithuiana PM Warns of Pearl Harbor Moment

COMMENT: Mr. Armstrong: Nobody has sources like you. You warned that the West would create a false flag to start the war that they need. It took maybe one to two weeks for the news that Russia put nuclear weapons in space, and here, our leading politician came out and said there was going to be a sneak attack in Europe that would be our Pearl Harbor moment. I have come to understand why you are always right. It is because people do react the same way no matter what decade or century.


Thank you for the knowledge.

REPLY: Yes, we are approaching the ECM date of May 7th, but also the ECM date on the Ukraine war – April 20th, 2024. It is getting interesting from a research perspective but dangerous from a human perspective. If you really expected a Pearl Harbor Moment, which was also a deliberately created event to bring the US into WWII, you would think as head of state, you would seek peace rather than war. Nothing these people do anymore makes sense.